about the randstad employer brand research.

Founded in 2000 as the Randstad Award, it was renamed the Randstad Employer Brand Research in 2018, optimizing 19 years of successful employer branding insights.

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The Randstad Employer Brand Research was conducted between September to December 2018.

In Hong Kong SAR, 75 largest commercial organisations were selected, each with at least 1,000 employees. Over 3,000 respondents participated in the Hong Kong SAR research with respondents reflecting the national demographics across age, gender and education level.

The Randstad Employer Brand Research aims to measure employees’ motivations and the attractiveness of the employer brand by asking respondents the following questions based on awareness and attractiveness:

  • Do you know this organisation well enough to have a perception about it?
  • Based on your perception, would you like to work for this company?

This second question determines the most attractive employers in Hong Kong SAR. Asking these questions removes the bias of some of the bigger, more well-known global brands, levelling the playing field by making it a fairer and more equitable comparison across the entire list of 75 companies.

respondents will then be asked to rate each of the companies on the following 10 drivers:

  1. salary and benefits
  2. financially healthy
  3. uses latest technology
  4. good reputation
  5. job security
  6. career progression
  7. gives back to society
  8. stimulating work
  9. pleasant work atmosphere
  10. work-life balance

how is this research unique?

Unlike other employer branding studies, the Randstad Employer Brand Research is not based on company nominations or judging panels. It is an independently conducted research where the results are based solely on the opinions and votes of the local potential working demographic, giving a truly impartial view of the employee market and a true reflection of employer attractiveness for each of the 30 participating markets’ largest employers.

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