Healthcare companies are at the forefront of the coronavirus crisis. They are caught between the effective delivery of medical products, the pressure to develop quick diagnostic kits, treatments and vaccines, financial challenges, manufacturing limitations, supply-chain disruptions and workforce shortages.

Nonetheless, the Employer Brand Research highlights that the COVID-19 health crisis can be seen as a potential learning experience for all stakeholders active within the healthcare and life sciences industry. To face upcoming challenges, there is a need for learning on how to adapt quickly to critical health crises. Stakeholders should have a business preparedness plan to implement digitisation processes, improve supply chains, personalise customer experiences and develop workforce capabilities.

life sciences industry trends 2020
life sciences industry trends 2020

a strong employer brand essential in the new age of life sciences

In a period full of challenges and uncertainty, the demand for life sciences professionals is higher than ever.

Confronted with talent scarcity even before the crisis, companies in this sector must ensure they are attractive enough as employers to be able to retain and attract the right talent.

Recent years have brought in the technological processes that contribute directly to the digital progress of the life sciences sector. Blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), digital supply networks (DNS) or data analytics are just a few of the tech-related elements that drive digitisation in the life sciences industry.

From medical and pharmacy personnel to engineers, data, IT or digital specialists, a vast pool of skills are needed in the sector across all levels. It has therefore become vital for life sciences to build a strong employer brand to gain access to the desired talent it needs to have a competitive edge in the market.

In the years to come companies in the life sciences sector will have to fulfil the large niche skills demand, as new jobs and new skills will be needed for the various specialty areas.

why talk about employer branding during a pandemic? 

As we publish this year’s Randstad Employer Brand Research report, we are fully aware of the new situation we are in as a result of COVID-19. The timing of the questionnaire and its results were analysed before the discovery of the virus. Since then, COVID-19 has paralysed local economies and labour markets and as a result several companies find themselves facing unprecedented challenges.

In these uncertain times, employer branding is more important than ever. This year’s Randstad Employer Brand Research results can be very helpful in building on a sharpened employer branding strategy for your company.

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