“By striving to be at the forefront of new technology and the transition towards decarbonisation, we can help fight climate change and make life brighter for the customers, communities and shareholders we serve today, and the generations to come. Driving sustainability and innovation can also help us to attract and retain talent that wants to make a difference,” says T K Chiang, Managing Director of CLP Power Hong Kong.

How is CLP Power transitioning its skills, workforce experience and employer brand for the rapid disruption in the electricity sector, and the changing expectations of its stakeholders?

Here’s a snapshot of the in-depth interview with T K Chiang, Managing Director, CLP Power Hong Kong that is featured in our 2019 Standing Out report, an annual compilation of employee engagement best practices from some of the world’s most attractive employers.

how will ‘being the utility of the future’ change your talent demands?

The impact of the energy transformation and digital disruption means that we need a more diverse skills base than in the past. This includes renewable energy experts, and people with digital skills such as data scientists who can support our innovation capability.

This shift creates challenges. Competition for STEM talent - or commonly known as science, technology, engineering and mathematics – is becoming ever more intense as economies become increasingly digitised. The challenges are compounded by an ageing population in Hong Kong SAR, which is reducing the pool of talent coming into the workforce.

We are stepping up talent acquisition and broadening the base of our recruitment sources and channels. This includes offering scholarships and internships for engineering students, organising workplace visits and recruitment talks.

Given the traditionally low percentage of women working in utilities, we are also looking to attract more female talent. Key steps include supporting initiatives that encourage women to study engineering in school and university and implementing family-friendly policies. 

how does talent development within CLP Power Hong Kong look like?

Professional development is important for our employees and for us. A key part of this is to prepare them for an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business environment.

We are committed to nurturing a learning culture throughout the organisation and providing opportunities at all levels to broaden knowledge, competencies and career prospects.

To help encourage development and retention, we always look within first. Our management development and succession planning programmes identify and prepare people with potential for key positions in a proactive and well-planned manner.

This is supported by job rotation and special assignments. In some cases, it involves international relocation and placements to develop high-potential staff and facilitate the transfer of key skills across the CLP Group.

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