Many companies think that tablets and an alcohol-stocked fridge are all that’s needed to pursue early career talent. It’s also common to see some firms offer fresh graduates a lower salary than what is acceptable in today’s talent landscape and compensate for the lack thereof with work experience with a well-known brand to boost their CVs.

However, what many employers fail to understand is that younger employees have far more complex career aspirations and expectations.

Studies and anecdotal evidence from several companies have consistently suggested that Generation-Z employees leave their current jobs because they want to work for employers that are more aligned with their personal values and goals. Some have even suggested that Gen-Zers, who were born between 1995 and 2015, are much more pragmatic than what other generations paint them to be.

generation z characteristics
generation z characteristics

young workers are motivated to contribute to a movement

Salary is the top priority of any job seeker you speak to. Instead of entering a bidding war, employers can focus more on attracting benefits and culture as the differentiating factor when engaging and connecting with job seekers.

Generation-Z are often seen to be more realistic when it comes to their career future. Besides their strong motivation to learn to develop their careers, other key characteristics of Generation Z is that they also want to have positive experiences and find new purposes for themselves at work and in their personal lives.

Younger job seekers are more inclined to work for companies that allow them to contribute towards communities that they live in or care about. To be able to develop professionally and acquire new skills during the process are just a key characteristic of gen-Zers’ career expectations. Being able to gain new learning opportunities, interact with colleagues beyond the immediate team and develop their capabilities are perceived as career essentials to a generation-z worker.

key highlights of the 2020 gen-z employer brand report:

  • Creating dynamic work and constant communication to engage generation-z workers
  • Learning and development for the workforce’s newest generation
  • Employee benefits that will help drive work productivity

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