In these times of both social and economic uncertainty, companies must make sure they are able to adapt to changing business demands. What better way of doing this than implementing new technologies and upgrading

their business and processes to deal with the latest digital innovations? A company’s ability to innovate and be agile can do wonders to its employer brand in the eyes of an employee.

As the demands and expectations of technologies continue to climb, the new career opportunities that are created in tech functions overtake others. Hence, it is of no surprise that technology and communications companies are once again viewed as the most attractive around the world, according to the 2020 Randstad Employer Brand Research.

IT industry overview 2020
IT industry overview 2020

many are drawn to the new opportunities in ICT

The world is becoming more dependent on technology and its attributes. Companies are driving technological agendas to ensure business continuity and competitiveness to emerge stronger from the pandemic. In fact, firms in other industries such as manufacturing, supply chain and banking are invested in automating processes. Companies are developing new tools to continue delivering goods and services in a post-pandemic situation.

Employees and candidates alike are also drawn to the stability that companies in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector have to offer, especially when demand for digital products and services are exceeding expected consumption.

The constant changes and progress within the sector along with attractive compensation and benefits offered by the companies, have directly influenced the employees preferences towards the ICT field, facilitating the recruitment processes.

why talk about employer branding during a pandemic? 

As we publish this year’s Randstad Employer Brand Research, we are fully aware of the new situation we are in as a result of COVID-19. The timing of the questionnaire and its results were analysed before the discovery of the virus. Since then, COVID-19 has paralysed local economies and labour markets and as a result several companies find themselves facing unprecedented challenges.

In these uncertain times, employer branding is more important than ever. This year’s Randstad Employer Brand Research results can be very helpful in building on a sharpened employer branding strategy for your company.

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