“The demand for high-tech talent has become mainstream to all organisations and is no longer isolated to specialised businesses. Success depends on having a solid and agile talent acquisition strategy with the ability to attract, nurture and retain such talent.” - Richard Narine, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Solution Design

the most attractive sector in the eyes of the global working population

Every year, ICT (information and communication technology) companies are seen as the most desirable to work for, with promises of interesting careers, competitive compensation and outstanding benefits as rewards. Their technological innovations generate the biggest headlines, attract the biggest followers and make the most profound changes in the way we work and live.

global tech skills shortage holds back technological advancements

The drawback is that even with so much tech talent interested in a career in ICT, there are plenty of competitors seeking the same skills – and not just from within the information and communications technology sector. Nearly every industry is undergoing a digital transformation, and that means Python programmers, data scientists, developers and other technology specialists are among the most sought-after talent in the market today.

By 2020, most organisations will experience visible business disruptions due to infrastructure and operations skills gaps, according to Gartner. Furthermore, many ICT skills needed to innovate in the near future don’t even exist today, so the sector faces growing pressure to develop and acquire these new skills.

As demands continue to rise, ICT companies have an agenda and timeline to adhere to. However, the lack of skilled talent may become the top priority for organisations to make progress.

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  • Retaining ICT professionals in a highly-competitive environment

free download: global insights into the perception of the financial services sector

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