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No industry is doing more to change the world than information technology and communications (ITC). How we live, learn, shop and engage with each other is constantly transforming, thanks to countless number of innovations the sector introduces every day around the world. It’s no surprise that ITC is considered the most attractive industry, according to the 2018 Randstad Employer Brand Research, an exhaustive survey of 175,000 working-age adults in 30 markets about their employment preferences

With such a strong appeal to workers around the world, this sector is able to build a robust pipeline of talent to draw some of the brightest and smartest people. It’s the most appealing industry in North America and the APAC region and No. 2 in Latin America. In Europe, the sector has less pull, falling behind life sciences, automotive and fast-moving consumer goods. Clearly, ITC’s innovations are exciting talent everywhere.

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