randstad's AI principles.

guiding principles for Artificial Intelligence at Randstad

At Randstad, we believe the best results are achieved by combining our passion for people with the power of today’s technology, with the goal of supporting people and organizations in realizing their true potential. Over the years we have experimented with many advanced technologies to accelerate and enhance the human connection between job seekers, consultants and client hiring managers. We are adopting cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence systems (AI) and embracing digital strategies without compromising on human interaction where this works best and whenever it adds value. These technologies are being applied at various points in our process, and always with humans in control of the technology.

As the application of AI becomes increasingly more common not only in our business, but around the world, its use raises questions about the role AI should play in people’s lives and what guidelines should be applied to the technology. To answer questions such as these, Randstad has defined its own set of AI principles.

Supplementing our core values - to know, to serve, to trust, striving for perfection and the simultaneous promotion of all interests - and in line with our business principles, these AI principles lay out our aspirations and define our commitment to the responsible use of AI. We see them as a common foundation for our company and all our stakeholders as we navigate the rapidly developing world of AI. We apply the principles appropriate to the context and consistent with the state of art as it develops. Our AI principles are deliberately aspirational. We see them as a work in progress and we will continue to refine them as the technology they address continues to evolve.

Randstad is committed to the ethical and responsible use of AI. We have been cautious and prudent with its application to ensure it serves the best interests of our stakeholders and mitigates possible pitfalls associated with the technology. Randstad does not see AI as a substitute for humans or human interaction in any part of its processes. We know from our heritage that real connections are not made from data and algorithms – they require human involvement. Empathy. Intuition. Instinct.

Our use of AI is in part intended to help make interactions with clients and candidates more personal, relevant, and meaningful. We ensure that critical decisions are always made by humans and not by automation.

our AI principles:

1. human forward

AI systems should be used to provide for beneficial outcomes for society as a whole. For our industry this means for candidates, recruiters and clients, and for benefits such as advancing the inclusion of underrepresented populations and creating new social, economic and educational opportunities for people.

2. human oversight

AI systems should be used to augment human capabilities and processes should at all times remain within human direction and control.

3. transparency & explainability

Those using AI systems should be transparent about the use thereof and should provide meaningful information:

  • to make individuals aware of their interactions with AI systems,
  • to explain individuals how the AI systems come to their outcomes, and
  • to provide individuals that are negatively affected by an AI system with an opportunity to challenge outcomes.

4. fairness & inclusivity by design

AI systems must treat individuals fairly and respect principles of non-discrimination, diversity and inclusiveness. To this end, those using AI systems should implement appropriate mechanisms and safeguards throughout the AI system lifecycle.

5. privacy and security

The use of AI systems should comply with applicable privacy and data protection laws, ensuring systems are resilient and secure.

6. accountability

Those deploying AI systems remain at all times responsible and accountable for their use.

Randstad will continue to invest heavily in new AI-driven technologies, through our internal product development efforts and by acquiring external expertise through acquisitions and partnerships. This will enable us to continue to ‘push the envelope' in our effort to better connect with people and help them realize their true potential, foster inclusive employment, and shape the world of work. It is the human side of our business that makes the difference. That is why we combine the power of today’s technology with the passion of our HR professionals to create an experience that’s inherently more human.