Randstad Hong Kong’s 2023 market and salary outlook report includes key labour trends and employer insights on salaries, bonuses, hiring outlooks and talent expectations. Download the full report for more information to guide your talent attraction and workforce planning strategy in 2023.

COVID-19 lockdowns have given construction and property companies in Hong Kong SAR a unique opportunity to step back and review what investors and tenants are looking for in the future, and deliver on those new expectations.

The direct link between digital transformation and the property and construction industry has become much clearer.

construction and property hiring outlook in hong kong 2023
construction and property hiring outlook in hong kong 2023

Companies are actively using big data and artificial intelligence to make better-informed investment decisions to stay competitive and deliver the best experiences to their customers.

hiring outlook in construction and property

The 2022 Randstad Hong Kong Employer Brand Research found that 33% of construction and real estate professionals planned to change jobs.

in-demand construction and property jobs in hong kong 2023
in-demand construction and property jobs in hong kong 2023

In 2023, we’ll expect to see demand for talent in the middle to senior level for these four specialisations in the engineering, property and construction industry:

  • Engineering - Professionals like civil engineers and engineering managers who have experience in infrastructure projects, structural and building services from both the private and public sector would continue to be in hot demand as the city accelerates its development for MTR railway extension projects and the Northern Metropolis.

  • Full-cycle project managers - Professionals like construction managers who have a track record in managing end-to-end development projects in the city real estate sector will see more opportunities to work on digitisation and sustainability projects.

  • Real estate investment specialists - Consultants with experience in managing full cycle of transactions in multi-asset classes to evaluate existing properties, as well as drive investments from companies looking to expand in Greater China.

  • Office leasing professionals - In anticipation of the complete lifting of border control measures, companies are ramping up hiring activities for sales and marketing specialists who can bring with them the networks, skills and tools to attract more businesses.

talent expectations in property & construction

To ensure their job and financial stability, job seekers in the property and construction fields are looking for employers that are financially healthy and have a good reputation.

Job switchers are expecting a 15% to 25% salary increment to their base salaries to balance the risks of changing employers.

Companies will also need to review their total remuneration package to stay competitive in the labour market and actively promote their internal career development opportunities to attract more talent.

download the randstad hong kong’s 2023 market and salary outlook report

The 2023 Hong Kong’s Market Outlook and Salary Snapshot report looks at talent analysis and new salary benchmarks in the following industries:

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