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With a stable, world-class regulatory regime and growing investment in fintech innovation, there are immense growth opportunities for Hong Kong SAR in the world of technology developments.

IT professionals in hong kong
IT professionals in hong kong

employers need to stay mobile to seize hiring opportunities

Companies across industries are facing fierce competition for the best talent, with organisations trying to attract tech talent by offering exciting opportunities to spearhead exciting new projects that drive digital change.

In a bid to join the global demand for tech talent, Hong Kong SAR recently announced the “Top Talent Pass Scheme” that gives priority to experienced and highly skilled tech talent to bridge the local talent gap.

As international travels open up, more employers will have the liberty and budget to drive transformation initiatives and scale up their businesses.

Employers can also extend their talent search to secure global talent who are equipped with niche and specialised skills and expertise, even without relocating them to Hong Kong SAR.

tech talent prefer stability

For tech professionals, the longevity of their job is more important than novelty.

There is a greater interest in more stable IT verticals and industries as they provide tech talent the opportunity to work with skilled and experienced teams to deepen their capabilities.

There is also great demand for crucial and evergreen roles and industries, such as cybersecurity, DevOps, banktech and fintech.

in-demand tech talent

In an effort to close their talent and skill gaps, some companies are hiring junior IT workers to deliver on projects and groom them for more senior roles and job duties through on-the-job training programmes.

Employers will also hire IT professionals to double-hat roles, and are expected to commensurate them fairly for the wider scope of responsibilities.

in-demand technology jobs in hong kong 2023
in-demand technology jobs in hong kong 2023

With intense talent competition for highly-skilled talent, the 3 areas where we see the greatest demand for tech professionals are:

1. mobile applications developers

to build and improve digital platforms and solutions and create personalised connections with users

2. data science professionals

to help companies translate data into actionable insights

3. cyber risk & compliance professionals

to help digital banks navigate local regulations as they prepare to launch virtual banking services

tech professionals prefer better employee benefits over big bonuses

Tech employees who shift jobs can expect salary increments of 20% to 30% when switching employers. While those who remain to stay with their current employers can expect to receive a 2 to 3 months bonus.

However, a competitive salary is not all they’re searching for. Due to pandemic-related demands such as longer working hours and heavier workloads, tech professionals are increasingly prioritising a healthy work-life balance.

According to the Randstad’s Talent Expectations survey, a good work-life balance means being able to carve out enough personal time for themselves.

Employers must understand what tech workers prioritise and promote the right employee benefits to entice them, such as flexible work schedules, wellness leave, allowances to upgrade home offices and the ability to work remotely.

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