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Resources from drug research projects, product management, clinical trials and elective surgeries have all been diverted to fighting COVID-19 over the past two years, resulting in a rather sluggish growth in the life sciences industry in Hong Kong SAR. 

However, all may change in 2023 when companies shift their focus back to developing new drugs and performing surgeries.

career in life sciences
career in life sciences

There is a steady trend of increase in hiring of research and development (R&D) professionals and medical scientists for molecular biology testing technologies and oncology research, pharmaceutical product managers as well as management and consulting staff in the medical aesthetic industry. 

healthcare professionals have higher salary expectations due to pay increases during COVID-19 pandemic

In the fight against COVID, many doctors, nurses and medical laboratory technologists working for chained-clinics, non-government organisations and private labs that assisted COVID-related projects for the governments received significant salary increments to compensate for their long hours and risk of exposure. 

Due to these adjustments to salary benchmarks, many healthcare professionals are reluctant to depart their COVID-related roles.

healthcare companies offer pay raise to attract talent
healthcare companies offer pay raise to attract talent

Private organisations are more likely to step up their offers to meet new salary expectations, with some offering up to 15% salary increment to licensed healthcare professionals. 

Radiologists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists are expecting up to 50% pay increment, as they can make just as much being self-employed. 

sales professionals are waiting until the market restarts before switching employers 

To attract sales talent and prepare for the pipeline of product launches, many pharmaceutical companies are offering a 20% to 25% raise on base salary.

in-demand life sciences jobs in hong kong 2023
in-demand life sciences jobs in hong kong 2023

With the talent shortage in sales, some employers are hiring medical sales talent from adjoining sectors such as technology and manufacturing and providing on-the-job training so that they can start delivering results. 

new clinical trials and drug discoveries await research and development professionals 

The demand for R&D scientists will remain high, largely driven by the rapid growth and wide acceptance of rapid antigen tests. 

When switching employers, academic R&D professionals can expect to receive 5% to 10% salary increment, while those working for commercial companies could receive up to 20% increment on their annual salary. 

life sciences employers need to be creative when looking for new talent

Hiring new talent with critical skills poses a serious challenge for many healthcare and life sciences companies, especially at the middle level management level where there is a severe shortage of experienced talent. 

Since the majority of healthcare professionals and scientists do not have an active online profile, social events like conferences and symposiums are the most effective channels to connect and engage with these industry experts. 

Referral schemes have also proven to be very successful in attracting new talent, as healthcare professionals may be attracted to the idea of working with their peers or experts whom they admire. 

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