Randstad Hong Kong’s 2023 market and salary outlook report includes key labour trends and employer insights on salaries, bonuses, hiring outlooks and talent expectations. Download the full report for more information to guide your talent attraction and workforce planning strategy in 2023.

The human resources (HR) industry has emerged from the pandemic in better shape because HR professionals are more appreciated for their role in ensuring the continued business success of their organisation.

Over the years, many companies have expanded their human resources teams by adding specialised headcounts in functions like compensation and benefits, talent acquisition and management, HR technology, learning and development as well as employee experience.

human resources talent demand in hong kong
human resources talent demand in hong kong

Having specialised human resources professionals helps alleviate the increasing amount of work piled on a generalist, and strengthens the team’s capabilities in creating a more holistic and positive candidate and employee experience.

human resources skills and talent demand

From an employer’s perspective, they are looking for talent with strong communication skills and the right personality that would fit their team and company culture.

However, these qualities are difficult to identify from the CV alone, which is why many companies engage recruitment agencies like Randstad to interview and engage with candidates to evaluate their traits.

in-demand HR jobs in hong kong 2023
in-demand HR jobs in hong kong 2023

1. compensation and benefits professionals

Compensation and benefits professionals are in high demand to make recommendations on employee benefits and salary benchmarks. They will also be responsible for improving performance metrics to suit today’s work environment and managing budgets.

2. human resources technologists

The spotlight on a seamless digital employee experience as well as data management and visualisation would improve the overall workforce performance and productivity. There would be a significant demand for digital talent with strong IT knowledge and in-depth quantitative and analytical skills would be highly sought-after to resolve challenges in people-related business functions.

talent and salary expectations: human resources

When switching jobs in 2023, middle-management HR professionals are expecting to receive a 10% to 25% salary increment, and will also negotiate for other benefits.

Most of the HR professionals whom we have interviewed want it all - competitive salary offering, flexible work benefits and a manageable workload. These expectations should not come as a surprise, as our Reimagine Work white paper highlights the new definition of ‘work-life balance’ as having enough time to live, work and play. 

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The 2023 Hong Kong’s Market Outlook and Salary Snapshot report looks at talent analysis and new salary benchmarks in the following industries:

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