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Companies are actively recruiting legal professionals to navigate the ever-changing regulatory climate in Hong Kong SAR. Conglomerates, tech platform companies and rebounding industries like aviation and fast-moving consumer goods companies have recorded strong hiring activities in quarter 4 of 2022, which will likely extend to 2023.

hk legal jobs
hk legal jobs

talent demand movements and developments in the legal industry

1. new in-house legal jobs opportunities

We have noticed 3 talent demands for lawyers from in-house corporates as they build deeper specialisations to mitigate increasingly complex and challenging risks in line with changing regulations and business expansion.

in house legal jobs hk
in house legal jobs hk
  • Data privacy lawyers - Legal professionals with experience navigating data privacy laws in Greater China will be highly sought after.

  • Corporate transactional lawyers -  to manage software and licensing matters and support traditional corporations expand their  digital transformation projects by.

  • Litigation lawyers - Companies are building internal resources to work on small-scale cases as well as manage law firms to streamline operating and cost efficiencies.

2. in-demand legal professionals in financial services

The consistent demand for legal talent within the banking and financial services industry will persist in 2023 with 3 key hires.

in demand legal jobs in banking industry
in demand legal jobs in banking industry
  • Wealth and private banks are increasing their wealth offerings and expanding their coverage in emerging markets and customers.

  • Lawyers who code to increase fluidity when dealing with internal stakeholders.

  • Green Financing - financial groups are expected to increase their legal headcount for experienced  environmental, social and governance (ESG) talent.

3. demand for talent in private practices 

Recruitment activities within the private practices will remain rather constant in 2023, as they continue to focus their hiring efforts on fund lawyers, onshore and offshore lawyers as well as paralegals.

in-demand legal jobs in private practice
in-demand legal jobs in private practice
  • Fund lawyers to advise clients in private equity firms, hedge fund, credit and regulatory matters within Hong Kong SAR and globally.
  • Paralegals in litigation, dispute resolution and insolvency.

with multiple legal job options to choose from, talent are being more cognizant of their next steps 

More candidates are reviewing the total remuneration package instead of salary alone.

In-demand legal practitioners who may negotiate for additional privileges like sign-on bonuses or a senior job title on top of a 15% pay increment in 2023.

Besides having a decent salary increment, legal professionals are also evaluating the company’s stability and commitment to Hong Kong SAR, potential career development opportunities, as well as work-life flexibility benefits to employees.

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