Randstad Hong Kong’s 2023 market and salary outlook report includes key labour trends and employer insights on salaries, bonuses, hiring outlooks and talent expectations. Download the full report for more information to guide your talent attraction and workforce planning strategy in 2023.

There is a domestic demand for talent in the accounting and finance industry in Hong Kong SAR as the number of vacancies outnumbers active job seekers. As a result, in-demand accounting and finance professionals tend to have multiple job options to consider. 

In view of the talent shortage and to ensure that employers secure the best accounting and finance talent in a competitive job market, we recommend employers make two key adjustments to their hiring strategies in 2023.

hiring strategies 2023
hiring strategies 2023

recruitment strategies in 2023

1. speed up the recruitment process

Hiring managers should prioritise job interviews and make hiring decisions quickly. To be more efficient and create a good candidate experience, virtual and panel interviews are also good alternatives to in-person meetings.

2. find talent from different backgrounds

Consider job applicants who are able to demonstrate their willingness to learn and upskill themselves to grow into the role although they may not fulfil all the prerequisite requirements.

in-demand jobs in accounting and finance 

There are two areas where the number of accounting and finance jobs outnumbers the talent pool in Hong Kong SAR, particularly at the middle-management level.

in-demand accounting and finance jobs in hong kong 2023
in-demand accounting and finance jobs in hong kong 2023

1. finance managers

The accounting profession in Hong Kong SAR underwent a further reform of its regulatory regime on 1 October 2022, where “the registration functions in relation to audit practitioners and practices” were moved from Hong Kong Certified Public Accountants to the Accounting and Financial Reporting Council.

The increasing regulatory requirements will drive talent demand for finance managers who have experience working in global consultancy firms and on the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

2. financial planning and analysis specialists

Financial planning and analysis professionals who are equipped with data analytics skills to effectively crunch large volumes of financial data to effectively visualise business performance will be in high demand.

talent and salary expectations in 2023: accounting and finance

Between 2018 and 2021, accounting and finance professionals expected a 10% to 15% salary increment when they change jobs. In 2023, salary increases are expected to range between 20% and 35%. 

To attract skilled talent, some companies have introduced more work-life programmes like flexible work, shorter work weeks and ‘summer Fridays’ off days.

According to our Randstad Hong Kong 2022 Employer Brand Research, ‘work-life balance’ surpassed ‘salary and benefits’ as the most important employee value proposition that Hongkongers look for in ideal employers. This data highlights that job seekers are looking for the total remuneration package that the company is offering, instead of making their decision solely on salary. 

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The 2023 Hong Kong’s Market Outlook and Salary Snapshot report looks at talent analysis and new salary benchmarks in the following industries:

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