Technology investments and digital transformations are moving at breakneck speed in Hong Kong SAR. The most important trends in 2022 are likely to focus around the convergence of new and old tech trends as more and more organisations create new tech-driven business strategies.

As the shift from offline to online stabilises, companies are now investing to enhance and optimise technology to remain competitive. In 2022, we expect to see more technology developments in data, fintech and cybersecurity.

Rather than focusing on localising technology development, there is now a larger emphasis on using more foreign resources to create a technological hub in the Greater Bay Area, which will include Hong Kong SAR.

As a result, we have observed a significant growth in the IT industry, which will lead to more job opportunities, specifically for tech talent who are business proficient in Mandarin language and willing to work in the Greater Bay Area.

fintech will continue to grow and hire more IT professionals

More start-ups in the local fintech sector are projected to emerge in 2022, in line with the government's overarching aim to establish Hong Kong SAR as the region's fintech powerhouse, especially in payments and digital currencies.

Technology skills in blockchain, payments, DevOps, and cybersecurity will be highly sought after to fulfil the talent and skills requirements for these start-ups.

According to Randstad Hong Kong’s latest “tech talent expectation survey” conducted in September 2021, 22% of local respondents said that they would like to work for a start-up and 26% would like to have the opportunity to work for a unicorn.

in-demand tech talent in 2022.

With more investments from both the public and private sectors to build local tech capabilities, companies are expected to hire project managers, software engineers and systems programmers. There are also job opportunities for data professionals such as data scientists and data analysts, cybersecurity experts and blockchain tech workers to boost the growth of the technology industry in 2022.

in-demand IT jobs in 2022
in-demand IT jobs in 2022

2022 labour and salary trends for technology professionals

The global technology industry is undoubtedly facing its most severe talent shortage ever - attributed to the pandemic driving organisations of all sizes to embark on digitalisation and transformation projects to ensure business competitiveness and sustainability. 

Employers must be prepared to meet the pay expectations of IT professionals with in-demand skills and experience. With its continued industry relevance in 2022, it is most likely for IT candidates to reject job offers if their expectations are unmet.

When switching employers, IT workers in technical roles should expect a salary increase of at least 25%. Even with perks like working from home and having more autonomy, a high salary will be the key EVP factor many IT workers in Hong Kong SAR will look for in an ideal employer.

download the digital copy of the hong kong SAR 202 market outlook and salary snapshot

Hong Kong job market outlook
Hong Kong job market outlook

key highlights in the technology market outlook 2022

  • evolution of job responsibilities and required skills for technology in 2022.
  • anticipated job mobility of professionals across industries and different levels of seniority.
  • salary snapshots for more than 80 different IT jobs in Hong Kong SAR.

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