When work is no longer bound to the physical location of the office, the concept of where and how people perform work takes on a whole new meaning. Many employers in Hong Kong SAR are contemplating the realities and benefits of a highly-skilled and hybrid workforce to remain competitive. 

A hybrid workforce gives HR leaders more budget flexibility and helps them better adapt to the constantly changing business environment and COVID-19 situation. It also broadens the company’s pool of potential candidates to include overseas talent, part-time workers as well as job returnees such as those returning from maternity, retirement or redundancy.

how to attract contract employees
how to attract contract employees

2022 labour and salary trends for contracting professionals.

1. more job opportunities for contract workers

There will be more demand for contracting workers in 2022, particularly from IT and financial services firms. In particular, highly-technical talent skilled in cybersecurity, DevOps and IT engineering are actively sought-after by employers. The majority of the talent demand would be for middle to senior-level contractors who have management experience in digital transformation and business restructuring projects.

2. improve employee benefits to attract more contracting professionals

Due to the unequal employee benefits between permanent and contract employment, many Hongkongers prefer to wait for a permanent job offer instead of doing contract work while they wait. This has created more hiring challenges as many companies are trying to hire employees to meet deadlines due to tightening regulatory requirements or to fill a short-term cover for staff that are on sabbatical or parental leave. 

However, it will require a concerted effort from the government and companies to improve the appeal of contract work and shift the mindset of the local workforce. For example, companies will need to revise their salary for contractors and ensure equal benefits for contractors as they do for the permanent employees.

download the digital copy of the hong kong SAR 2022 market outlook and salary snapshot.

job market outlook 2022 hong kong
job market outlook 2022 hong kong

key highlights in the contracting segment outlook in 2022.

  • in-demand job responsibilities and required skills for contracting in 2022.
  • build your hybrid workforce by improving the image of contracting work. 
  • salary benchmarks for more than 100 different contract jobs in technology as well as banking & financial services. 

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