The supply chain and logistics industry has grappled with ongoing pandemic-related challenges over the last year. Global supply chain disruptions have caused market growth to stagnate, while the sector continues to face a critical talent shortage for positions in supply chain and warehouse management.

However, the market is seeing a gradual recovery and we can see a positive outlook in the latest supply chain trends. For example, more companies are exploring technology tools and digital supply chain technologies to drive transformation projects. The leverage on technology would help companies to achieve supply chain excellence more quickly and cost-effectively in order to increase efficiency and drive greater customer satisfaction.

sectors needing supply chain talents in hong kong
sectors needing supply chain talents in hong kong

supply chain domains with high talent demand

1. e-commerce

Due to the regional e-commerce boom and impressive household spending shift to online, more merchandising businesses are expanding their operations to meet changing consumer demand. Employers are increasingly hiring more skilled supply chain managers and procurement professionals to forecast sales demand and reduce lead times.

2. retail

Retail is also making a strong recovery. To meet the growing demands in retail and be better prepared for the anticipated rapid market growth following lifting of border restrictions, retail companies are seeking to hire talent for buying, quality assurance (QA) and supply chain management functions.

3. food and beverage

F&B buyers are also a key area of focus at the moment as the industry has been the least affected by pandemic-related supply chain challenges. Some F&B buyers are also stepping up their hiring efforts for production-related roles to continue ensuring food safety in Hong Kong.

4. electronics

Within the electronics and mechanical engineering sectors, hiring has picked up and will continue its momentum in 2022.

in-demand skill sets in sourcing and supply chain

As companies today continue to invest in technology to optimise their processes, distribution and production capacity, hiring managers are hiring talent with experience in leading end-to-end digital transformation projects. They are also looking for candidates who have led an e-commerce team in a professional capacity to improve processes and drive organisational productivity.

Besides improving order accuracy, employers need help to build and maintain strong supplier relationships. As more and more Chinese companies set up their global offices in Hong Kong SAR, employers are increasingly looking for professionals with business-level proficiency in Mandarin to better manage client and supplier relationships with Chinese customers.

2022 labour and salary trends for sourcing and supply chain professionals

When switching employers, candidates typically look for a 10% to 15% salary increment. Supply chain management and procurement professionals with specialised skills would likely negotiate for a higher salary increment of 20%. Due to the high demand for experienced logistics professionals and the candidate-short market, employers are usually inclined to offer highly compelling salaries to attract talent.

Today’s logistics professionals also tend to prioritise non-monetary benefits such as having at least 14 days of annual leave and the option to take wellness leave or sabbaticals.

Another important factor for them is being able to maintain a flexible working schedule - where although employees work 40 hours a week, they are able to choose to work from home when their tasks do not require them to be on-site.

download the digital copy of the hong kong SAR 2022 market outlook and salary snapshot

Hong Kong job market outlook
Hong Kong job market outlook

key highlights in the sourcing and supply chain management outlook in 2022

  • evolution of job responsibilities and required skills for sourcing and supply chain in 2022.
  • anticipated job mobility of professionals across industries and different levels of seniority.
  • salary snapshots for more than 30 different sourcing and supply chain jobs.

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