The 2021 Randstad Hong Kong Employer Brand Research revealed that 62% of Hongkongers ranked ‘attractive salary & benefits’ as the most important employee value proposition (EVP) they seek in an ideal employer. ‘Work-life balance’ comes in a close second at 60%. 

Commissioned by Randstad and independently conducted by Kantar TNS, the Randstad Employer Brand Research explores the top EVP factors that influence employees and job seekers in their search for a new career.

top 5 employee value propositions in 2021

Natellie Sun, Managing Director of Search & Selection in Greater China at Randstad said, “After 2020, it is understandable that employees and job seekers have heightened their expectations and are giving more attention to their income and job security. Based on our research, it is clear that there is no secret to winning the war for talent. Organisations that are hiring, especially in areas such as technology and life sciences where talent is hard to find, are advised to match salary expectations to secure the best candidates.”

top 5 employee value propositions in 2021

Attractive salary & benefits 62%
Work-life balance
Financially healthy
Job security
Pleasant work atmosphere

work-life balance remains the most unmet candidate expectation

Even when ‘work-life balance’ ranked as the second most important EVP factor to Hongkongers, the average employer in Hong Kong SAR receives a low rating (ranked 8th) on this driver from respondents. 

When compared to all other groups, women and higher-educated employees also find ‘work-life balance’ to be more important than ‘attractive salary & benefits’. Respondents aged between 18 and 34 years old ranked ‘work-life balance’ as the most important EVP factor. 

“Many Hongkongers managed to strike a balance between work and life when they worked from home or remotely last year. Through cloud and SaaS, employees are able to explore the best ways to work and collaborate. Whether it is at home or a nearby cafe, the environment that they work in plays an important role in their productivity and contributions to the company. Besides including flexible work provisions in HR policies to provide a clear definition of new work arrangements, it is also critical for employers to upskill their workers digitally so that they know how to navigate the next normal,” Sun shared. 

 top 3 employee value propositions by generations

employee value propositions designs for generations
employee value propositions designs for generations

the 2021 randstad hong kong employer brand research report is now available

The 2021 Randstad Employer Brand Research provides employers with a unique opportunity to uncover new insights and validate their assumptions of employees and job seekers. This independent research is the most representative employer brand study in the world, reaching out to more than 190,000 respondents across 34 markets, including 2,603 who are based in Hong Kong SAR in January 2021.

employer brand report 2021
employer brand report 2021

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