The results of the highly anticipated 2021 Randstad Employer Brand Awards have been unveiled! It is not a stretch to say that most of us would have heard of these top commercial companies in Hong Kong SAR. However, we bet everyone is excited to know what made these employers stand out, and how they made it to the list. 

The most attractive employers list comes off the back of our Randstad Employer Brand Research. It is the only global independent study that comprehensively captures the workforce sentiments towards key employee value proposition factors from employees and job seekers. Through our research, employers will gain valuable insights to enhance their employer branding strategies, so that they can better attract and retain top talent. 

Here’s all that you need to know about Hong Kong’s top 5 employers in 2021. 

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1. the hong kong jockey club

The Hong Kong Jockey Club is no stranger to the Randstad Employer Brand Awards. In 2018, the Club received the “Employer Excellence Award” for scoring consistently high across all 10 EVP factors. This is the first time the Club has been voted the Most Attractive Employer.

hong kong jockey club evp drivers for 2021
hong kong jockey club evp drivers for 2021

Through the company’s active youth employment programme, young graduates and workers are encouraged to upskill and acquire growth opportunities. During the pandemic last year, the management trainee programme helped young workers acquire work-related skills and knowledge through a variety of virtual learning and development activities like job rotation and formal on-the-job training. Besides youth employment and development, the company’s “Leadership in Action Programme” aims to facilitate the long-term professional growth of their employees across all seniority levels. 

The 23,000-strong organisation, which is known for its charitable and community efforts, has gone above and beyond to safeguard its employees from the COVID-19 pandemic, such as rolling out flexible work policies and implementing safe-work practices in workplaces. 

2. cushman & wakefield

Cushman & Wakefield, a global commercial real estate business, is well-known for its efforts in creating an equal-opportunity workplace. The company has implemented several measures, including non-discrimination policies and equitable benefits so that LGBTQ+ workers from around the world can work in a safe environment regardless of their identity and background.

cushman wakefield evp drivers
cushman wakefield evp drivers

The organisation is also committed to ensuring fair employment for people of all ages. Cushman & Wakefield’s 2020 Virtual Exposure Programme offers students an unique global opportunity to be mentored by highly skilled and experienced commercial real estate professionals in a variety of business lines. Through its leadership speaker series and office tours, the company provides an immersive experience to attract talent to the world of real estate. 

Cushman & Wakefield is also joining and partnering with other global companies to decrease energy consumption and conserve natural resources in their buildings in an effort to eliminate its impact on the environment. The company’s energy & sustainability services team is integrated into its asset services platform, which gives them a distinct edge in delivering practical solutions that transform their properties.

3. the hong kong and china gas company (towngas) 

A household name, Towngas is more than a company that guarantees consistent and safe gas supply in our homes. The company offers highly attractive activities and benefits to their employees to foster growth and assure general well-being of their staff. Besides having access to benefits such as gas allowance as well as medical and dental care, employees also receive further support during the COVID-19 pandemic.

towngas top employee value proposition drivers
towngas top employee value proposition drivers

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the firm hosted a number of virtual workshops, such as aromatherapy sessions and Zentangle drawing exercises, to assist employees cope with stress while also cultivating their creative prowess. Parents who work at Towngas can also participate in the corporate social-emotional learning parenting programme to foster a positive parent-child relationship. 

To limit exposure and protect its employees, Towngas halted all on-site meter reading services during the outbreak. The company's customer centers are also cleaned on a regular basis to provide a safe working environment for its employees.

4. swire properties 

Swire’s human resources strategies are found to be centred around the company’s ability to provide the best employee experience. Since before the outbreak, employees at Swire have already been working on a flexible schedule to help strike a healthy work-life balance. 

swire properties evp drivers
swire properties evp drivers

Mentoring and internal job rotations are available across the Group's six business segments, including property. Employees can also take advantage of lucrative incentives, medical benefits, and retirement and sabbatical plans. Working moms and fathers are entitled to up to 14 weeks of maternity leave and five days of paternity leave, which allow them to spend extra time with their children. 

In its response to COVID-19, the company distributed free hand sanitisers and assisted with the delivery of meals to frontline workers and low-income groups in 2020 to ensure equal opportunities and ensure safety for everyone.


LVMH, a worldwide leader in high-quality luxury goods, has made the company's reaction to COVID-19 look effortless, thanks to its rich legacy and strong worldwide brand awareness.

lvmh employee value proposition drivers
lvmh employee value proposition drivers

The firm hosted "Village des Métiers d'Excellence LVMH," a virtual trade show designed to connect young and ambitious students with industry professionals in the hopes of landing a work-study position with the company. Young designers from all over the globe, including Hong Kong, are able to realise their aspirations of working with prominent designers through its apprenticeship contracts with the brand's houses in fashion, cosmetics, jewelry, spirits, and even lifestyle experiences.

LVMH reacted quickly to COVID-10 and stepped up to help its employees when they needed it most. Louis Vuitton held an online "Caring Month" in March 2020, and staff were given health information and gifts to assist them get through this tough time.

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Navigating a business amid a raging pandemic is no easy feat. Yet these five companies in Hong Kong have risen to the challenge by devising new brand and HR strategies to sustain their business growth and committing themselves to their employees’ growth and well-being. 

If you want to learn more about how you can strengthen your employer brand and make it to the list of Randstad’s Most Attractive Commercial Companies, we have just the right resources for you. Our Employer Branding Research provides you with the latest trends, observations and a clear vision on what having a strong employer brand can do for your business. 

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