• 54% of survey respondents rated the energy and environment sector as the most desirable to work in Hong Kong SAR, retaining its position from 2022.
  • With a 50% attractiveness score, the luxury & retail sector overtakes property & real estate industry to claim second place.
  • Local companies stand out in the most attractive companies Hongkongers prefer working for.
  • Hong Kong Jockey Club and CLP Power Hong Kong among the most attractive companies to work for in Hong Kong SAR.

New research from Randstad, the world’s largest talent company, shows that the energy and environment sector retains its pole position as the most attractive sector to work for in Hong Kong SAR.

The 2023 Randstad Employer Brand Research report found that Hongkongers are particularly interested in working in the energy and environment sector. Out of the 10 industries in the survey poll, the ‘energy and environmental’ sector was voted FIRST with 54 points out of a maximum possible rate of 100, making it the most attractive sector to work for in Hong Kong SAR. The industry recorded a 3-point increase from 2022.

Environment and energy companies have been creating new high-value jobs in recent years as the sector transforms and invests in renewable energy and new technologies. Companies in this sector also tend to be more socially responsible and have a greater focus on sustainability, which appeals to the workforce, especially younger generations.

In line with these impressive results, the research also revealed that the luxury and retail sector recorded the best improvement, increasing by 8 points year on year, from 42 to 50.

employers are creating exciting and meaningful jobs to attract top talent

Hong Kong SAR is a dynamic and diverse city that offers a wealth of opportunities for talented professionals across multiple industries that drive our economy. With the creation of higher-valued jobs spurred by innovation and investments, the demand for skilled workers is higher than ever. However, this also means that employers are facing a highly competitive talent market and need to work harder to attract and retain the best talent.

The preferences and expectations of job seekers are constantly changing. Some industries are more appealing to talent than others because they offer more opportunities for innovation, impact and social responsibility. Referencing the results of our 2023 Employer Brand Research, the energy and environment sector has done well to meet the growing awareness and concern for sustainability and climate change in Hong Kong SAR. The luxury and retail sector showcases the creativity and diversity of the city’s culture and lifestyle, and the property and real estate companies give workers the opportunity to shape the urban landscape and infrastructure of this vibrant city.

Over the years, our research has strongly proven that industries that are constantly looking to transform and innovate, as well as address issues that are close to job seekers will stand out more as an employer.

companies are investing to meet talent expectations amid a highly competitive labour market

The release of these results highlights a key trend among Hongkongers when they look for new employers, with a ‘good work-life balance’ emerging as the topmost EVP factor that Hongkongers look for. In the same survey, 42% of respondents expressed their willingness to quit their current job to pursue opportunities that offer a better work-life balance.

Amidst the high expectations for better work-life balance, there is encouraging news as revealed by the latest Employer Brand Research data. Companies have shown positive progress in addressing this concern, as the year-on-year gap between talent expectations and actual employers’ support for work-life balance has reduced from 8 to 5 points.

employees strong preference among talent to work for companies headquartered in hong kong SAR

The results from the extensive global survey has brought to light a compelling trend - the strong preference among respondents to want to work for companies that are headquartered locally.

The data reveals that an overwhelming majority of participants, representing diverse cultures and backgrounds, lean towards employment opportunities within their home country's corporate landscape. These factors play a pivotal role in shaping individuals' career decisions and highlight the significance of local businesses in the eyes of talent.

Every year, local companies stand out to be some of the most attractive companies that local residents have a strong preference for. These companies are involved in local issues and challenges, which may point towards a deeper understanding of workforce needs and a goal to create more opportunities for innovation, impact and social responsibility - values that many Hongkongers look for in ideal employers.

hong kong jockey club best employers in hong kong 2023
hong kong jockey club best employers in hong kong 2023

Paul Hotchan, Head of Talent Acquisition, Human Resources at Hong Kong Jockey Club said, “Being recognised as one of the most attractive companies to work for in Hong Kong is a testament to our commitment towards our valued employees, who share our vision of working for the betterment of Hong Kong society. Working at The Hong Kong Jockey Club is not only a great platform for career growth and development, but also provides true meaning and purposeful work. Taking this opportunity, we would like to thank all our colleagues for their dedication and their hard work.”

clp power hong kong top company 2023
clp power hong kong top company 2023

Human Resources Director Ms Priscilla Chau at CLP Power Hong Kong said, “Our people are our most important assets and we place great importance on employee development. We commit to helping our employees thrive in changes by enhancing their technical and digital capabilities, while strengthening their wellbeing and resilience during our energy transition journey. I must pay tribute to our employees who have been serving our customers and communities relentlessly during the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenging macroeconomic environment.”

2023 randstad hong kong employer brand research report

The 2023 Randstad Employer Brand Research provides employers with a unique opportunity to uncover new insights and validate their assumptions of employees and job seekers.

This independent research is the most representative employer brand study in the world, reaching out to 163,000 respondents across 32 markets, including 2,750 who are based in Hong Kong SAR in January 2023.

latest employer branding report in hong kong
latest employer branding report in hong kong

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