• 18% of Hongkongers would rather be unemployed than work for a company that does not align with their personal values.
  • 1 in 2 respondents said that it is important that they work for a company that supports equity, diversity and inclusion.
  • 35% of Hongkongers said that they need to work for a company that offers mental health and well-being benefits.

Commissioned by Randstad and independently conducted by Kantar TNS, the 2023 Employer Brand Research report aims to educate employers about how the changes in talent expectations in Hong Kong SAR would impact a company’s ability to attract and retain talent.

download the latest employer brand research report 2023
download the latest employer brand research report 2023

align your company’s values with hongkongers to attract talent

According to the survey, 18% of Hongkongers would rather be jobless than work for a company that does not align with their personal values. This is more prominent among the younger generation, with 24% of Gen Zers saying that they would rather be unemployed.

Now more than ever, organisations need to step up their efforts to foster an inclusive workplace to engage and retain talent, and prioritise diversity and inclusion as part of their talent attraction and recruiting agenda. Hongkongers are looking for employers that do not just lift common barriers at work, but also create an inclusive environment where they can bring their authentic selves to work.

More than half of the respondents also said that it is important that they work for a company that actively supports equity, diversity and inclusion.

values that job seekers in hong kong look for in an employer

Gen Z Millennials Gen X
It’s important for me to work for a company that actively supports equity, diversity and inclusion
I need to work for a company that offers mental health and well-being benefits
I would rather be unemployed than work for a company that does not align with my personal values

The research has proven that equity, diversity and inclusion should not be a box on the checklist, nor can they be overlooked. Instead, it should be prioritised in business strategies and leadership agendas.

Equality, diversity and inclusion have an impact on the success of an organisation’s talent acquisition strategy. Embracing equity at the cornerstone of your talent attraction strategy is not just the right thing to do, but it also fosters an inclusive workplace culture where diverse voices are heard and valued. Companies that thrive in diversity and inclusion will be able to attract top talent that brings a wealth of perspectives and ideas to the table.

diverse workforce benefits to business
diverse workforce benefits to business

companies need to step up their efforts to support and protect LGBTQIA+ employees

18% of respondents in Hong Kong SAR believe that employers are not adequately protecting and including LGBTQIA+ employees. 1 in 5 millennials echoed the same sentiment.

Approximately one in six respondents said that they disagree that companies are limiting their impact on the environment and 15% said that companies lack support for mental health and well-being.

lgbtq employees rights in the workplace
lgbtq employees rights in the workplace

On its own, ‘equity, diversity and inclusion (ED&I)’ may sometimes be a subject too broad for many HR professionals to grasp, much less address them. Well-being policies, for example, could range from flexible work arrangements to employee recognition and rewards; employee medical insurance to mental health support. As a start, employees should recognise that they need to take meaningful steps towards aligning the company’s value with everyone by understanding that each employee holds unique values.

The next steps are to foster open dialogues, actively seek employee feedback and keep an open mind to gain a deeper understanding of their workforce. This inclusive approach will not only increase an employee’s satisfaction and engagement, but also cultivate a company culture where everyone feels genuinely valued and empowered to contribute their best.

Taking a holistic approach towards ED&I ensures that all aspects of the work experience are being addressed, which in turn, create a diverse and inclusive environment that reflects the broad spectrum of talent and perspectives in your organisation.

three company values where hongkongers believe organisations lack effort in

disagree neutral agree
Protection and inclusion of LGBTQIA+ employees
Limits the company’s impact on the environment
Support for mental health and well-being

As we celebrate Pride month in June, it is important to keep in mind that initiatives aimed at empowering LBGTQ+ employees should extend far beyond a symbolic gesture. True inclusivity requires ongoing commitment to raise awareness and eliminate unconscious bias through training and workplace policy making.

Companies that invest in building these safe havens honour the diversity within their workforce and enable employees to contribute confidently and drive business success. Most importantly, it expands the company’s talent pool and makes it easier for employers to hire talent who share the same values.

Integrating ED&I into your talent acquisition and attraction strategy can benefit your organisation in many folds. It widens the pool of talent that are engaged with your company, and expands your workforce’s perspectives, skills and experiences that can drive organisation-wide innovation and problem solving. Diversity and inclusion also enhances the company’s reputation as an inclusive and progressive employer, attracting top talent who are looking for a work environment where they can thrive, be valued and contribute with a common purpose in mind.

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At Randstad, we actively promote workplace diversity, equality, and inclusion. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion lies in fostering an inclusive work environment, where LGBTQI+ employees are acknowledged, respected, embraced and valued. We are steadfast in our pursuit of understanding and celebrating the uniqueness of every individual, providing them with the support, encouragement, and meaningful connections throughout their work lives.

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