Your employer brand is your company’s reputation as a place of work. The Randstad Employer Brand Research 2020 Hong Kong SAR market report uncovers key insights and market intelligence of the labour market. 

While the survey fieldwork of the Employer Brand Research was conducted prior to the pandemic, it is still important for employers to understand the long-term trends. Over the years, we observed the growing importance of work-life balance, the increasing expectation on employers to support their workers’ professional development, and how a competitive salary can influence a person’s career choices.


is employer branding still important this year?

2020 is an extraordinary year for employers around the world. Employers are taking care of their people’s health and doing everything in their power to retain their workforce, even if it means incurring losses in the process.

It has never been more important for employers to communicate and engage with their employees. Business leaders need to be transparent and honest about how the pandemic has impacted the company and what it means for employees in the short and long term. Employers should also continue to motivate their employees and understand how their expectations have changed and what they can do to meet and support them.

When companies commit to communicating and engaging with their people, they will build a workforce that is with them through thick and thin.

key insights from this year’s employer brand research

Randstad Hong Kong has conducted a COVID-19 Employee Pulse survey between 22 April 2020 and 5 May 2020 to provide business leaders and HR professionals with more current insights on employer branding.

the survey results have been incorporated into this year’s Employer Brand Research report to provide you with the full picture.

  • Employee value propositions (EVP) that Hongkongers look for in an ideal employer 
  • Changes to employees and job seekers motivations before and during the pandemic 
  • Most effective channels to look for and connect with new talent 
  • Reasons why workers leave their employers before and during the pandemic


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