A blended workforce – consisting of permanent staff, contract workers and freelancers – would be the ideal workforce management solution, especially for companies in Hong Kong SAR that have a tighter budget in 2020. 

As companies across all key industries such as banking & financial services, manufacturing & supply chain, retail & luxury undergo major digital transformation, the demand for skilled professionals has never been higher. Companies are observed to hire contract skilled professionals who have prior experience and expertise in niche roles such as project management, applications development and data analysis. 

Companies that do it right will have a highly-skilled workforce that can help drive workplace efficiency and productivity. A blended workforce will also allow companies to scale faster, as they are able to optimise workforce size and contract people with the right skills to complete the project.

commit to building a blended workforce to see real benefits 

However, before employers can truly enjoy the benefits of having a blended workforce, they must first appeal to the gig workers. It is recommended for companies to offer professional contractors equal days of leaves, insurance and reimbursement schemes as permanent staff. Other incentives such as performance or completion bonus will not only motivate contractors to be more productive, but also improve the appeal of the employer brand.

download the digital copy of the Hong Kong SAR 2020 market outlook and salary snapshot in various key industries.

download hong kong market outlook 2020
download hong kong market outlook 2020

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