2018 most attractive employer

CLP Power Hong Kong Limited climbed two spots to bring home the award for the 2018 Most Attractive Employer on April 19, 2018.

The Employer Brand Research conducted in Hong Kong SAR surveyed more than 4,200 Hongkongers on which companies they would like to work for.

CLP Power Hong Kong Limited emerged as the winner from a list of 75 of Hong Kong SAR’s largest employers, based on local workforce size, as close to 65% of survey respondents said that they would like to work for the company.

At the awards ceremony held at The Hong Kong Maritime Museum on April 19, Natellie Sun, Managing Director at Randstad Hong Kong, presented the award for the Most Attractive Employer to T.K. Chiang, Managing Director at CLP Power Hong Kong Limited.

Scroll down to find out what CLP Power Hong Kong said about winning this year’s Most Attractive Employer award and key highlights of the company’s performance in the eyes of Hongkongers.

CLP power hong kong - winner highlights