It is common for people to make career resolutions to improve themselves in different ways after a life-changing experience or a big decision. In the world of work, this happens when fresh graduates enter the workforce or when workers switch employers. 

When we enter a new environment, we want to be better versions of ourselves and achieve more to impress our bosses and colleagues. Here are some work resolutions you can set up in your new job to get you on track in achieving your career goals and get noticed by your co-workers. 

new job new resolutions
new job new resolutions

1. be more productive at work

If you’re prone to procrastination or need a reboot after a long sabbatical, you may need to find your mojo back. Set some strict rules on how you want to manage your time so that you’re working smarter instead of harder. 

Buy a planner or make a simple to-do list to keep track of your daily and weekly progress. Try to work on the most difficult or time-consuming tasks first and celebrate the small achievements to drive your productivity levels up throughout the day. 

Travelling to and being in the office can help set the mood for employees to work. Some workers find that they are more productive and focused when they are in the office. If you are working at home and easily get distracted by Netflix or your furry pet, speak to your manager about returning to the office more regularly. 

2. review your career prospects 

As much as it is for your employer to review your capabilities and performance, the probationary period is for you to decide whether the employer is right for you and if it is aligned to your professional goals. 

Is the work environment collaborative and positive enough for you? Do you have the opportunities to learn new skills and from others? Are there growth opportunities for you in this company? Do you and your manager get along well? 

Make sure that your choices are putting you on the right path to achieving your career goals as well as personal aspirations. The last thing you want is to feel that you’re stuck in a job that you’re not happy with. You may choose to consult a career coach or your family member to gain some external perspectives or to seek advice. 

3. step out of your professional comfort zone

Stepping out of your comfort zone is a crucial step in achieving success. People tend to be risk-averse in the workplace as they don’t want to be reprimanded or penalised, especially if the outcome is not desired. It is important to know when to stop staying in your comfort zone and start taking smaller risks to achieve greater outcomes. Challenging yourself will drive your professional growth and help you build confidence to take on bigger opportunities.

Organisations thrive on employees who are willing to think and operate outside the box to ignite a different path or strategy. If an opportunity arises in the future, don’t be afraid to raise your hand! 

4. speak out 

Always speak out if you feel that you are lacking in opportunities at work or do not feel safe working with a specific colleague. Employees who speak out also tend to be presented with more growth opportunities than others who choose not to. Explain your concerns in clear details to your manager and get them to repeat it to you so that they understand what their next steps are.

It is always difficult to guess what another person is thinking about. Managers supervise a team of employees, and it is impossible for them to fully understand what each person is thinking or feeling. People who do not voice their concerns or frustrations also tend to let it manifest, which can cause more harm to the work environment. 

5. dress for the job you want 

Taking the effort to dress appropriately, whether you are at work in the office or at home, tells your boss that you are taking the job seriously.

Even when you are working from home, it is still important to dress appropriately for work. Changing out of your pyjamas sets you in the mood to work. Put on a dress shirt and pants or skirt. Be mindful of what not to wear even if you are just attending virtual interviews and meeting with your colleagues or clients from home. You can make advantage of online sales at your favourite clothing store!

you’re all set for your new job

Settling into your new job can be either easy breezy or extremely stressful. However, if you manage your expectations right, you might find yourself starting a truly meaningful career with your new employer and on your way in achieving your career goals. 

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Your work resolutions are geared up for your new job. Let's take the next step in your career and find out what new and exciting job opportunities are available for you right now.

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