Did you know that there are more than 1,000 recruitment agencies in Hong Kong SAR competing against each other to find the best talent in today’s job market? That’s a lot, so how do you know which recruiting agency you should work with?

Finding the right talent who is able to diligently complete work tasks and fit in with your company culture can be a challenge, especially if you lack the resources to embark on a large-scale talent search. If you are looking to deepen your business capabilities or undergoing a business transformation, you might want to consider partnering with a reputable professional recruitment agency for talent solutions and services.

Likewise, as a job seeker, job-hunting becomes much smoother and easier when you find a recruitment agency that can help you find a job with an employer that you like and in the field that you work in. You do not want to work with a recruiter who does not have enough knowledge of the industry you work in, as they will not be capable of finding you an employer or job that fits your needs.

No matter your workforce size or skills requirements, these recruiting firms can help your company find qualified candidates across a wide range of industries to match your needs.

find a recruiter in hong kong
find a recruiter in hong kong

how does a recruitment agency help companies hire the job fit talent?

Recruitment agencies are great at finding qualified candidates due to their extensive access to a large pool of candidates, knowledge of expert recruitment consultants and advanced recruitment technology tools. Using these resources and tools, recruitment firms can effectively identify and attract candidates with key skill sets that align with a company's needs.

HR professionals and hiring managers tend to work with specialised recruiters to find talent with niche skills or to expand their workforce to meet business demands. Recruiters also have ongoing discussions with their clients to understand their skills and experience requirements and understand the company’s employee benefits and workplace environment to help attract interested talent.

Once a match is found based on the potential candidates' skill sets, job specialisation, experience, qualifications and expectations, the recruiting agency manages both the client and candidate throughout the entire recruitment process to ensure a higher success rate.

This includes a wide range of services such as resume screening, talent screening, interview scheduling, negotiation of job offers and assisting with employee onboarding. A good recruiter understands what it takes to attract quality talent with in-demand skills and maintains effective communication between candidates and employers at all times.

how does a recruitment agency help job seekers find a job?

Depending on the seniority of the role as well as expectations of both the employer and the candidate, the entire hiring process can take two weeks, or as long as 6 months. Recruitment agencies can easily connect job seekers to some of the top employers in your industry due to their extensive network of hiring managers. They enable talented candidates to have access to numerous career opportunities to help them achieve their career goals.

Once they find a suitable job opportunity for you, the recruiters will send your resume to potential employers and negotiate on your behalf so you don't have to spend time scrolling and applying for multiple jobs online.

Engaging experienced recruiters or job agencies saves both the employers and job seekers time and money.

what type of services do recruitment companies offer?

All recruitment professionals wish for one final outcome - to place you in a job you like, with an employer you want to work for.

It’s likely that you will see the words “top recruitment agency in hong kong”, "best recruitment agency hong kong", "most-trusted recruitment agencies in hong kong", or “top recruiters in hong kong” appear whenever you Google for help, which could leave you more confused than before.

Here are some ways to help narrow your choices, so that you can work with a headhunting or employment agency that is aligned with your career interests and expectations.

factors to consider when choosing a recruiting agency to help you find a job:

  • does the recruitment firm offer jobs that you’re looking for?
  • is the recruiter knowledgeable about your career and industry?
  • do they represent the companies that you have a desire to work in?
  • are they truly interested and able to help you find a new job?

Not all job recruitment companies are the same. Recruitment agencies vary greatly in their services and processes. For example, they may not cover the industry you work in in your country, even if they do elsewhere.

Let’s start by understanding who they are and the types of services they offer to job seekers like you.

randstad overview

Randstad is the world's largest talent company and a partner of choice to clients. Founded in 1960 by Frits Goldschmeding in the Netherlands, Randstad has more than 4,927 offices and 39,530 corporate employees operating in 39 markets.

With a specialised team of executive recruitment consultants, Randstad has been an integral human resources partner in the recruitment industry, providing an end-to-end talent and bespoke recruitment solutions to companies. The company's innovative workforce solutions drive workforce efficiency, organisational integration and business growth, and it is committed to providing a world-class customer experience.

In Hong Kong SAR, Randstad has built a strong reputation in the region for its exceptional professionalism, integrity and proven expertise in the recruitment industry since establishing its office in 2009. The company is committed to ensuring that all candidates possess the necessary qualifications, skills and experience to excel in their roles.

Randstad offers a diverse range of recruitment services that cater to the specific needs of different industries and roles, such as permanent, contract, temporary staffing, career coaching, redeployment and outsourcing services.

With numerous accolades and recognitions under its belt, Randstad Hong Kong has been making a meaningful difference by being a trusted human partner.

Global recruitment companies like Randstad provide a diverse range of HR-related services to ensure the best job-fit match for job seekers. The company has long-term relationships with HR partners from small-to-medium enterprises to multinational organisations in Hong Kong SAR, providing a variety of jobs from junior levels to C-suite positions.

Randstad's market-leading insights and industry trends report offer valuable information, including market analysis, salary benchmarking, talent trends and employer branding, to help employers craft HR strategies and solutions to recruit and retain talent.

Known for being an innovator in the industry, Randstad prides itself as having a strong focus on diversity and inclusion workforce. 50% of the company’s senior leadership positions are held by women around the world.

The company's focus on delivering quality recruitment solutions, its extensive range of services and its commitment to providing a positive and fulfilling candidate experience have made Randstad one of the top recruitment agencies in Hong Kong SAR.

HR services

  • Specialised Permanent Recruitment
  • Contracting Services
  • Executive Search
  • End-to-end Contracting Services including Payrolling and Timesheets
  • Talent Outsourcing
  • Career Coaching and Redeployment
  • HR Consulting
  • Talent Workforce Management

randstad’s specialisations

Accounting & Finance, Information Technology, Banking & Financial Services, Life Sciences, Sales, Marketing & PR, Legal Support, Supply Chain & Logistics, Property & Real Estate, Construction & Property, Engineering, Administration, Business Support, Sourcing & Procurement, Retail and Human Resources

Website: randstad.com.hk

No. of Markets/Countries: 39

No. of Branches/Offices: 4,861

Google Star Ratings: 4.8

Google Reviews: 402

what are the top alternatives for randstad?

This list of alternatives are similar to Randstad in terms of common industry categories and services. Let’s see what recruitment agencies have to offer in Hong Kong SAR.

best recruitment agencies in hong kong
best recruitment agencies in hong kong

1. adecco group

Adecco is a human resources multinational company that was founded in 1996 and provides staffing and recruitment services. Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, it expanded its Asia Pacific footprint and established their Hong Kong SAR branch. The company helps organisations find suitable candidates for various roles, including temporary, contract and temporary positions.

In Hong Kong SAR, Adecco offers a range of recruitment services including staffing, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), HR consulting, managed service programme (MSP), outsourcing and outplacement services to help businesses find the right people for their organisation and to support job seekers in finding the right job for their skills and experience.


  • Permanent Recruitment
  • Temporary Staffing
  • Contract Services
  • Outsourcing and Outplacement

adecco specialisations

Accounting & Financial Services, Banking, Engineering & Technical, Education, Event & Exhibitions, Human Resources & Administrative Support, Information Technology, Industrial, Logistics and Supply Chain, Retail, Sales & Marketing.

Website: adecco.com.hk

No. of Markets/Countries: 60

No. of Branches/Offices: 5,200

Google Star Ratings: 3.3

Google Reviews: 21

2. connectedgroup

ConnectedGroup is a Hong Kong SAR-based recruitment and executive search company founded in 1997. The company specialises in providing staffing solutions for various industries, including finance, healthcare and technology.

ConnectedGroup's services are tailored to meet the needs of both clients and candidates. For clients, the company offers a range of recruitment solutions, including permanent and contract staffing, executive search and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). Connected Group has an extensive network of contacts and a talented team of recruiters who are well-equipped to find the right candidates for specific roles and organisations.

For job seekers, ConnectedGroup provides a variety of career services, including career advice, interview preparation and access to job opportunities across various industries.


  • Executive Search
  • Contract Staffing
  • Interim Services
  • Payroll Services
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

connected group specialisations

Compliance & Company, Construction, Property & Real Estate, Consumer & Retail, Finance & Accounting, Financial Services, Human Resources & Professional Support, Insurance, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Legal, Manufacturing, Marketing & Communications, Sales, Secretarial, Sourcing & Supply Chain, Strategy & Transformation, Technical & Engineering, Technology.

Website: connectedgroup.com

No. of Markets/Countries: NA

No. of Branches/Offices: NA

Google Star Ratings: 4.2

Google Reviews: 24

3. hays

Hays is a global specialist recruiting group that offers a wide range of employment services and has been recruiting qualified and skilled professionals worldwide.

It was founded in 1968 as the Career Care Group and was acquired by Hays PLC in 1986 and has since then grown into one of the world's leading recruitment agencies with 250 offices in 32 markets across 20 specialisms.

Hays has been in Hong Kong SAR since 2006, dealing with private and public sectors by providing permanent, temporary and contract recruitment solutions, as well as executive search services for senior-level positions.

Hays has an experienced team of recruiters who use their extensive knowledge of the local job market and industry-specific skills to help employers find the right talent for their organisations.


  • Permanent Recruitment
  • Temporary Recruitment
  • Contracting

hays’ specialisations

Accounting & Finance, Banking & Financial Services, Construction, Engineering, Human Resources, Insurance, Legal, Life Sciences, Manufacturing & Operations, Marketing & Digital, Office Professionals, Property, Procurement, Supply Chain, Sales, Technology.

Website: hays.com.hk

No. of Markets/Countries: 32 

No. of Branches/Offices: 250

Google Star Ratings: 3.5

Google Reviews: 21

4. manpowergroup

ManpowerGroup is a leading global provider of workforce solutions established in 1948 and headquartered in Wisconsin, United States. The ManpowerGroup consists of Manpower, Experis and Talent Solutions has a market presence in 80 countries.

In 1997, ManpowerGroup expanded their business in Hong Kong SAR and Taiwan. As an employment agency, the company helps job seekers find temporary, permanent and contract jobs. The company provides a range of job opportunities across various industries, including finance, manufacturing and technology for entry-level and mid-level roles to executive levels.

For businesses in Hong Kong SAR, Manpower provides staffing solutions, such as temporary staffing, permanent placement and managed services. The company helps businesses find the right talent to meet their needs and provides support throughout the hiring process, from sourcing candidates to onboarding new employees.


  • Permanent Recruitment
  • Temporary & Contract Recruitment
  • Right Management
  • Visa & Work Permit Assistance

manpower group’ specialisations

Finance and Accounting, Banking and Financial Services, Technology.

Website: manpowergrc.hk/Home

No. of Markets/Countries: 80

No. of Branches/Offices: 2,700

Google Star Ratings: 2.0

Google Reviews: 5

5. michael page

Michael Page was first established in 1976 in London and later expanded its Asia footprint in 1994. It is part of the PageGroup that consists of 4 key brands - Michael Page, Page Personnel, Page Executive and Page Outsourcing.

In Hong Kong SAR, Michael Page has extended their reach to numerous primary business centers throughout the region since 1994. Their Asia team boasts global connections, regional expertise and local market proficiency, to service multinational conglomerates and domestic firms.

The company offers various services to help businesses find the right talent, from executive search and job advertising to outsourcing and payroll services. They work with a range of clients, including SMEs and large multinational companies, to help them find the right talent for their organisations.


  • Permanent Recruitment
  • Contract Recruitment
  • Executive Search

michael page’s specialisations

Banking & Financial Services, Construction, Digital, Engineering & Manufacturing, Finance & Accounting, Healthcare, Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal, Life Sciences, Marketing, Procurement & Supply Chain, Property & Construction, Retail & Sourcing, Sales, Secretarial & Office Support.

Website: michaelpage.com.hk

No. of Markets/Countries: 36

No. of Branches/Offices: 140

Google Star Ratings: 4.8

Google Reviews: 256

6. robert half

Robert Half was founded in 1948 and is headquartered in California, United States of America. It has since expanded to more than 325 locations around the world, including Hong Kong SAR.

Robert Half is a global staffing firm that provides staffing solutions to businesses and job seekers. As an employment agency in Hong Kong SAR, Robert Half provides a range of recruitment services, including temporary and permanent staffing, project consulting services and executive search. They have a good reputation in the industry for their expertise in placing highly skilled and qualified professionals in finance, accounting, technology, and administration.

The company's services are designed to meet the specific needs of each client, from start-ups to multinational companies.


  • Permanent Placement
  • Contract Talent Solutions
  • Executive Search
  • Consulting

robert half’s specialisations

Finance & Accounting, Banking & Financial Services, Technology.

Website: roberthalf.com.hk

No. of Markets/Countries: 19

No. of Branches/Offices: 325

Google Star Ratings: 4.9

Google Reviews: 86

7. robert walters

Robert Walters was first established in 1985 in London and they are now present in 31 markets. Robert Walters is a specialist professional recruitment consultancy and the core brand of the Robert Walters Group which consists of Walters People and Resource Solutions which looks over junior professional staffing and recruitment process outsourcing.

In 1997, Robert Walters launched its Hong Kong SAR office and specialises in professional recruitment across diverse fields.

Robert Walters' recruitment services in Hong Kong SAR include executive search, recruitment process outsourcing as well as permanent, contract and interim recruitment across a diverse range of industries. The company commits to deliver excellent customer service and help businesses build their workforce and achieve their goals.


  • Contract Hiring
  • Executive Search
  • Advertising Solutions
  • Talent Mapping

robert walters’ specialisations

Accounting & Finance, Human Resources, Tech & Transformation, Legal & Compliance, Sales 

& Marketing, Secretarial & Business Support, Supply Chain, Logistics & Procurement.

Website: robertwalters.com.hk

No. of Markets/Countries: 31

No. of Branches/Offices: -

Google Star Ratings: 3.6

Google Reviews: 10

where can I find a recruitment agency near me?

With so many recruitment agencies in Hong Kong SAR, you can easily find a job recruiter near you by searching online, asking friends for recommendations or contacting them directly by applying to a job on their official websites.

It’s not uncommon for job seekers to engage a few recruitment agencies when looking for a new employer. Whoever you choose to work with, stay focused and positive. Learn how to improve your resume and job interviewing skills, and whenever you’re ready, we’re ready for you too.

Note: This article was updated to reflect the publicly available information in April 2023.

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