We understand that it takes time and effort to find a job, more so in 2020.

In a fast-changing world, employers have different talent and skills requirements when seeking an ideal candidate. Besides technical capabilities, interviewers are looking for candidates who have the right personality to seamlessly integrate with the company’s culture.

The Career Guide can help job seekers like yourself secure a role with your ideal employers. This means being able to meet the technical and personality requirements that the employer is looking for.

The job search journey starts from building a shortlist of ideal employers that you would like to work for. This list can be based on what you’ve read in the news and online, or what you’ve heard from your family and friends.

During this journey, you will also need to spend time researching the company to tailor your resume for the position that you’re applying for and prepare for the interview. Often, candidates who perform well during interviews are those who over-prepare for it. They dress to impress, are on time for the interview and already know their answers to all the anticipated questions asked by the interview.

This Career Guide will help you navigate the challenges you may face during your job search process and connect you with fulfilling job opportunities that will help you reach your full potential.

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In the latest edition of our career guide, you can find resources and tips that we hope would be helpful for your future career. Some highlights include:

  • 10 tips on how to write a good resume
  • 5 tips to prepare for your job interview
  • most frequently asked job interview questions and model answers
  • 8 tips to survive your probation period

We are making a conscious effort to save and protect the planet we live on, which is why our 2020 career advice guide is only available digitally.

Are you ready to take the leap? Let us be there to guide you through. Start your job search journey by submitting or updating your CV to us.

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