The marketing industry in Hong Kong SAR has acted quickly to pivot their marketing strategies and execution plans to match the biggest offline-to-online shift in 2020. Marketing professionals are championing digital transformation in the e-commerce space to keep up with changing consumer behaviours. We expect this trend to pursue in 2021 as the marketing industry elevates the strategy and digital transformation in business.

The employer’s expectations of a digital marketing specialist are different from those of a traditional sales and marketing professional. These in-demand marketing talents are equipped with new skills such as data management and analysis, lead and demand generation as well as return on investment strategy development.

Many companies are setting up their regional offices in mainland China to build their presence in Greater China. This shift leads to an increasing demand in talent who have the flexibility and capacity to adapt to a different ecosystem. Employers are facing challenges in finding candidates for specialised digital marketing roles, particularly in enterprise industries such as technology.

2021 labour and salary trends for professionals in sales & marketing

After a year of facing the harsh realities brought about by the global pandemic, the job market in Hong Kong SAR has also adjusted their salary and bonus expectations to be more in line with the new normal.

Marketing professionals who are switching employers in 2021 can expect to receive up to 10% salary increment, depending on the transferability of their skills and if they are entering a new industry. If the pandemic does not worsen further, most of the salary and bonus freezes will likely thaw in 2021, with the exception of the retail and travel industries.

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key highlights in the sales and marketing industry outlook in 2021

  • evolution of job responsibilities and required skills for sales & marketing in 2021.
  • anticipated job mobility of professionals across industries and different levels of seniority.
  • salary snapshots for more than 40 different marketing and sales jobs.

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