The year 2020 felt like a ‘reset’ for the HR profession. Prior to COVID-19, human resources professionals are focused on attracting and hiring good talent. However, the responsibilities of the HR function have since shifted dramatically, with a higher focus on what’s happening internally rather than externally. Most employers had to turn their attention to enable remote working and drive productivity in the ‘new world of work’.

Now that the house is in order, we expect the job market in Hong Kong SAR to improve and hiring appetite to increase in 2021 with employers focusing more on talent development and expansion plans. There will also be an immediate need for HR professionals to work in the retail, hospitality and aviation industries once border control measures are relaxed.

As more and more companies focus on long-term business sustainability and talent development, we expect the demand for experienced HR practitioners in organisational development and talent management to increase in 2021. To effectively provide consultation, these HR specialists are required to work closely with the business units to understand the skills gaps and take the lead on driving business operations agendas.

2021 labour and salary trends for professionals in human resources and business support

Instead of being just a support function, HR professionals are increasingly expected to partner with the business and provide high-level advisory services to key stakeholders. This would include advising business leaders on new market intelligence, developing flexible work arrangements policies and strengthening the employer brand.

There is a higher demand for professionals who are experienced in organisational development, human resource information systems, as well as learning and development (with a focus on the development and implementation of digital training modules).

Highly sought-after HR and business support professionals within the non-financial sector may receive a 5% to 12% salary increment when changing employers.

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 download job market outlook in hong kong 2021
 download job market outlook in hong kong 2021

key highlights in the human resources & business support industry outlook in 2021

  • evolution of job responsibilities and required skills for human resources & business support in 2021.
  • anticipated job mobility of professionals across industries and different levels of seniority.
  • salary snapshots for more than 40 different human resources jobs & business support.

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