Owing to its business-friendly environment and strict intellectual property laws, Hong Kong SAR is the ideal location for many global firms, local SMEs and start-ups. Its proximity to technology powerhouse Shenzhen continues to be a draw for companies looking to enter or expand their Asian footprint.

The race to disrupt and drive transformation within companies has led to sustained demand for tech professionals skilled in new and niche areas like machine learning/artificial intelligence, cloud, blockchain and Internet of Things.

technology labour and salary trends 2020.

The tech industry's ubiquitous role in the global economy has created exponential demand for tech talent with the experience and expertise to spearhead and implement digitalisation projects.

Despite the increasing number of exciting technology jobs, the local talent pool lacks relevant skills to keep up with the demand as most people tend to choose a business or banking career early on.

With such a candidate-short market, top IT talent tend to have their pick of employers. Being able to trial and pioneer new technology is important to these IT professionals, as it gives them a sense that they are a part of something new and exciting.

Spoilt for choice, technology talent will actively pursue new career opportunities in 2020. Candidates can expect a 10% to 15% salary increment when they change employers. Job seekers with niche and specialised skills could command up to a 25% premium from companies seeking to leverage their experience and technical expertise.

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download hong kong market outlook 2020
download hong kong market outlook 2020

key highlights in this year’s technology industry outlook.

  • candidate-short market and widening skills gap creates new challenges for companies building tech capabilities 
  • tried-and-tested talent attraction strategies and tactics in the tech arena
  • salary snapshots for more than 85 roles across IT and fintech

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