Owing to its deepwater ports and air freight consolidation centres, Hong Kong SAR is a major international hub for supply chain and logistics operations. However, uncertainties stemming from the ongoing Sino-US trade war have taken a toll on the industry. Hong Kong SAR also risks losing its status as the go-to regional port as developments in the Greater Bay Area rise in favour.

However, some roles may see a rise in demand in 2020. Companies that are looking to streamline their businesses will be hiring experienced professionals in indirect procurement to generate more cost savings. We also expect to see a growing focus on the development of a digital supply chain to respond to real-time market supply and demand.

2020 labour and salary trends for supply chain and procurement professionals.

There is a mounting pressure on companies to automate operational tasks or relocate such roles to lower-cost markets.

Employers will be seeking talent who are able to unlearn traditional processes and learn new skills that are necessary to thrive in the digital landscape. Talent with skills in these fields is increasingly sought-after, especially if they have applied business process improvement methodologies such as Lean and Six Sigma in their previous jobs.

Candidates looking to change jobs in 2020 in the procurement and supply chain industry may receive a salary hike of 10% to 15%. Talent with niche and in-demand skills required to navigate this increasingly complex digital environment may even be able to negotiate a salary increment of up to 25% when changing employers.

download the digital copy of the Hong Kong SAR 2020 market outlook and salary snapshot in various key industries.

download hong kong market outlook 2020
download hong kong market outlook 2020

key highlights in this year’s supply chain and procurement industry trends

  • increasing pressure for supply chain firms in Asia’s key trading hub to be more efficient 
  • the impending impact of digitalisation on job scopes in the supply chain and procurement industry
  • salary snapshots for 25 roles in procurement and supply chain jobs

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