The world of work is evolving by the minute. Are you prepared to stay ahead of today's dynamic developments in a climate of uncertainty and rapid-fire change?

What started out as a public health crisis has mutated into a broader economic crisis that has impacted each of us in very different ways. The global pandemic has fundamentally changed how we live, work and play. Employers have redefined the workplace, workers have adjusted to new ways of working in the ‘new normal’ and families have learned to live and work in the same space. There are many challenges ahead of us, and some of the solutions can be best found by studying the events that brought us here.

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The human resources services industry plays a significant and influential role during turbulent times. If we follow current trends into the future, the existing skills gaps will only continue to widen further. As one of the world’s largest HR solutions company, we need to work hard to ensure we continue to connect people with decent jobs as we continue to drive digital transformation and economic growth.

Embracing change is the focus of Randstad’s 2021 Flexibility@Work report, which follows the evolution of workplace flexibility, the impact of technology on skills in demand and the growing importance of inclusive labour practices.

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how to embrace change in the workplace
how to embrace change in the workplace

The report offers insights into the challenges that companies all around the world are grappling with. Besides redefining work, highlighting skills in the age of automation and ensuring a sustainable labour market, you can also find the following global partner commentaries from leading labour and economic organisations in the report:

  • Guy Ryder, International Labour Organization
  • Stefano Scarpetta, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
  • Sharan Burrow, International Trade Union Confederation
  • David Hoey, WorldSkills International

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