demand for tech experts exceeds supply of prospective candidates

Fuelled by government investments and private ventures, new technologies are being developed and adopted at a rapid pace in Hong Kong SAR. As a result of ongoing digital transformation, the employment scene for the technology sector will be bullish in 2019, with demand exceeding supply.

Across the board, the technology sector will see an average 4% salary increment in 2019. Candidates with expertise in cloud computing, financial technology, back-end architecture and cybersecurity will see the highest salary increments.  

2019 employment outlook in information technology and communications

Businesses are pursuing better customer experience as well as internal efficiency and agility, by shifting away from legacy architecture and adopting cloud-based solutions. There will be a steady demand for agile project managers with domain experience who can effectively communicate the technology roadmap across different functions and influence stakeholders to drive fast-paced projects. Business analysts that possess excellent communication, problem-solving and critical thinking skills will also be highly sought-after.

While the bulk of hiring in software development is for java-based roles, full-stack developers are sought-after for their ability to code front to back-end in new open source languages with the ability to take a concept and deliver a finished product. These tech experts will be able to command up to 30% salary increments when changing employers.

The combination of technical skills, knowledge and adaptable personality traits can help candidates propel their career to new heights as companies are increasingly seeking team players with the aptitude for making smart commercial decisions.

if you want to know more about the skill demands and salary benchmarks in the information technology sector, download Randstad Hong Kong’s 2019 market outlook and salary snapshot report.

download 2019 market outlook and salary snapshot report
download 2019 market outlook and salary snapshot report

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