Companies will continue to reduce the number of generalist roles to strategically build the team’s expertise by hiring specialists and subject matter experts in 2019. Recruitment activities in Hong Kong SAR will remain steady for specialised roles in financial planning and analysis (FP&A), tax and treasury.

high talent demand in data-driven accounting environment  

Digitalisation will create a demand for highly-adaptable and agile candidates who can analyse data to identify potential opportunities and challenges for the organisation and communicate their insights to decision-makers. Experienced professionals in accounting and finance who are confident working in a data-driven environment and have strong commercial acumen to make decisions that have a direct impact on the organisation’s financial health and growth trajectory are highly sought-after.

2019 employment outlook in accounting and finance

Accounting and finance professionals who have regional work experience, strong leadership qualities, an entrepreneurial spirit and communication skills will be in high demand. Potential prospects who have in-demand skills and digital knowledge will likely receive highly competitive salaries and promising career progression opportunities this year.

to read more about the talent trends in accounting and finance space, download Randstad Hong Kong SAR’s 2019 market outlook and salary snapshot.

download 2019 market outlook and salary snapshot report
download 2019 market outlook and salary snapshot report

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