49% of respondents are actively looking for a new job in 2020. More than one in three respondents (35%) said that while they are not actively looking, they are open to exploring new job opportunities. 

The 2020 COVID-19 Employee Pulse Survey was conducted by Randstad Hong Kong with 1,045 of locally-based employees between 22 April 2020 and 5 May 2020. The study aims to help employers in Hong Kong understand the challenges and experiences of local workers and their sentiments about the employment market this year.

59% are satisfied with their employer’s response to COVID-19

89% of respondents stated that their employers have made flexible working and remote working arrangements in response to the pandemic. Among them, 23% said that their companies have made working from home a compulsory measure. 

Even though COVID-19 is a respiratory viral disease that is transmissible through close contact, 15% said that their employers made no changes to their workforce arrangements.

key highlights of the report

  • Employees’ responses to the changes in the working arrangements implemented by their employers 
  • Ranking of 10 employee value proposition (EVP) factors that are influencing an employee’s career choice in 2020
  • Reasons why people are looking or not looking for a new employer this year
  • What Hongkongers think that a good employer should do during a pandemic


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