A well-executed reference check is the best candidate screening tool hiring managers can have to ensure quality placements and avoid hiring mistakes. The candid feedback from a direct supervisor is critical in understanding a job seeker's skills, work habits, as well as to evaluate their boss and workplace culture fit. With Relevate Reference, you'll gain the speed and efficiency that you need to make the right hires before they are gone.

One of the newest Randstad tech tools for finding qualified talent, Relevate Reference is a streamlined automated technology on candidate reference checks. A digital solution that makes the selection of the right candidates easier, smooth, fast and accurate.

how it works.

Relevate Reference captures data and feedback during crucial points in your hiring process and consolidates them into powerful, easy-to-understand insights to help you make better hiring decisions. Using collective human intelligence, Relevate Reference helps mitigate both human and machine bias — all while improving the quality, compliance and speed of critical talent decisions.

when to use it.

Relevate Reference is your go-to tool anytime you need a reference check during the hiring and screening process. Relevate Reference automates part of your hiring process - the referee can send his or her testimony at any time and place, from any device. This means no more back-and-forth calls, but just an effective process that's within your control. Uncover new ways to improve talent sourcing, recruiting and overall hiring and workforce management success.

key benefits.

Relevate Reference can be used as a single tool, and it can also be implemented together with other digital tools to gather new hiring insights. Relevate Reference combines job seekers' and new hires' data to make sure the talent is the right fit for the job. h4 - reference insights Streamline the entire reference checking process, gathering higher quality feedback in less time and in a secure and safe way.

new hire insights

Measure the first year of success and validate your hiring decisions. Find out if your new hire has the potential to integrate and progress in your organisation.

the talent tech suite from randstad.

Relevate is designed to bring employers closer to the talent they need, but also to bring people closer to the work they want. Find out more.

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