The employment market in Hong Kong SAR has experienced strong momentum in the past twelve months. Unemployment rates are at a 20-year record low and the economy is due to expand, supported by an improving global economy, steady domestic consumption and focus around the greater bay area.

Despite the positive market outlook, human resource professionals continue to face the same challenges around attracting and retaining good talent. 

what is ‘employee experience’?

In our latest white paper, ‘Enriching the Employee Experience’, we dive deep into insights from our annual research to help companies improve their talent strategies with a focus on the employee experience to gain a competitive talent advantage.

Employee experience is the sum of perceptions employees have based on their interactions with the organisation. A positive employee experience encompasses all of the various touch points throughout the employee’s life cycle- from applying for the job to the eventual departure. These interactions are greatly influenced by workplace environment and culture, rewards and recognition, interactions with colleagues and senior leadership as well as the technology that is being used daily.

employees as brand advocates.

We believe that a positive employee experience holds unlimited potential to strengthen your employer brand. This, at the same time, improves workforce productivity, employee attraction and retention. That is why employee experience is so crucial to any meaningful conversation about employer branding. 

You’d probably agree that people can be your greatest advocates or detractors. In fact, an employee referral or testimonial from a trusted source can do more to attract the best talent than any recruitment marketing campaign.

On the other hand, a negative candidate or employee experience that is incongruent with the values and promises made, can cause damage to the employer’s reputation.

Staff have never been more empowered to communicate what it is truly like to work at an organisation giving candidates access to information at their fingertips. Glassdoor, Google reviews and other popular social media platforms have now become credible research channels. These platforms provide an authentic look into the employee experience.

great workforce experiences and satisfaction.

To that end, leading companies recognise the value of nurturing and sharing authentic stories of their people. These great workplace experiences speak louder than a corporate brochure. Organisations that give focus to not only talent attraction and retention strategies but also prioritise the employee satisfaction and experience stand to benefit and thrive from having a happy, productive and engaged workforce as well as a powerful employer brand.

Our latest Employer Brand Research surveyed more than 4,200 employees and job seekers in Hong Kong SAR this year to find out what are their perceptions of Hong Kong SAR’s 103 largest commercial companies. I’m excited to share the results and insights of this research. It can guide you towards unlocking your competitive talent advantage, and retain your best talent as loud and proud brand advocates.

randstad blue suite.

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