Randstad’s latest Workmonitor survey revealed that 59% of Hong Kongers believe current employee training programmes are inadequate to prepare them for the future of work, as compared to 73% of respondents in mainland China.

55% feel that entrepreneurship would open them up to more opportunities

Despite the increasing expectation on re-skilling and training, 43% of respondents would rather take the risks of starting their own business rather than reskilling in a new field. Furthermore, 55% also feel that being an entrepreneur would bring about more opportunities. 

If given the option to re-skill and enter a completely different field at a lower starting point or start their own business, most people would choose the latter. Being your own boss brings about a certain pride and excitement as you get to do what you love with the team you’ve built yourself. In addition to being exposed to many challenges, what individuals can learn and how they emerge from these difficult situations can make them more attractive to employers in the future.

hong kongers open for entrepreneurship
hong kongers open for entrepreneurship

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