In addition to talent shortage, companies in Hong Kong SAR have to tackle challenges of hiring and retaining the right talent. As a result, more companies are turning to innovative HR technologies to change the entire experience for employers, employees and candidates. We will continue to see interest in modern recruitment systems that can assist employers in the sourcing and hiring process and offer seamless positive experiences for candidates and employees.

using technology to deepen HR capability

Modern recruiting software can improve core HR functions, help companies save time and effectively target the right talent pool for the roles they want to hire. When recruiting processes are automated, HR teams can focus more on delivering a value-add experience to their target talent pool, employees and alumni.

In 2019, management teams will continue to demonstrate strong interest in HR transformation projects and initiatives, with a willingness to increase investment in digital HR solutions, data analytics and HR recruitment tools to improve workplace productivity and steer strategic workforce decisions. Senior HR candidates who possess strong digital acumen as well as experience in stakeholder, change and project management will be highly sought-after to help drive digitisation, organisational change and key transformation projects.

2019 employment outlook in human resources

Talent with strong industry expertise and relevant technical skills will be highly sought-after in 2019 – human resources professionals are no exception.

HR teams will be increasingly tasked with deepening internal capabilities through learning and development. These HR professionals will play an important role in planning future success by defining values, processes and practices around talent development to increase performance and competencies. We expect strong talent demand for specialists experienced in the designing, implementation and support of online training platforms with demonstrated ability to foster a learning culture.

download the 2019 HR market outlook and salary snapshot report to read more about the talent demand in other HR roles.

download 2019 market outlook and salary snapshot report
download 2019 market outlook and salary snapshot report

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