When people care about their colleagues, the work environment automatically becomes a pleasant one and tasks are likely to be completed much faster. Your colleagues are also more willing to go the extra mile to help you out at work – even if it means they have to spend extra time advising and mentoring you.

A pleasant work environment is one of the key employee value proposition drivers that help attract and retain employees. According to our 2018 Randstad Employer Brand Research, having a pleasant work environment is the second most important attractiveness factor that job seekers look for in a company.

Laszlo Bock, former Senior Vice President of People Operations at Google, believed that touchy-feely gimmicks are not necessary to attract people. People are drawn to Google because of its culture, as it ultimately defines the work environment. That is the secret sauce behind their strong employer brand and not solely the fancy workplace peripherals.

With a more supportive and inclusive work environment and a little more kindness at work, companies enjoy the benefit of having a more productive workforce and are able to meet or surpass business goals and objectives. 


here are 3 simple acts of kindness you can do to show your appreciation to your colleagues.

1. say thank you

Most of the time, a heartfelt “thank you” is enough to show your gratitude for the hard work your colleagues have put in. In fact, research has shown that saying “thank you” will make you feel good too! It links to improved mental health and satisfaction and can even help you become more optimistic about life. Furthermore, it can strengthen your relationships with your colleagues and peers. If you are shy or do not know how to say “thank you” without feeling the goosebumps, you can write a note and leave it on your colleague’s desk.

2. offer food

Food is truly the fastest way to anyone’s heart. It is evident that eating can bring about powerful emotions, and indulging in your favourite food such as chocolates can help improve your mood.

Invite your colleagues for lunch at their favourite restaurants to show your gratitude, especially if they have went out of their way to help you at work. If you do not want them to feel obligated to have lunch with you, you can buy them a snack as an afternoon treat instead. Just make sure that it is a healthy snack with zero trans-fat!

3. do something in return

The third tip is a classic piece of advice: scratch their backs if they have scratched yours. You don’t have to take on a significant load of their job scope – a simple act of kindness will likely bring a smile to their faces. This could mean buying a cup of coffee from their favourite coffee shop just the way they like it or taking the initiative to help them with their work to make their job easier! Even if that means passing them their printouts from the printer while you’re at it.

Being nice to each other goes a long way toward fostering a pleasant work environment and improving job satisfaction. Start small today and it will become a habit before you even know it.

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