our journey.

We're on a journey to transform from within and enhance the way people and jobs connect. That's why we're investing in the best digital solutions. But it's not enough to have the best HR tech. Human connection is at the heart of our business. Our personal approach, supported by state-of-the-art technology, is what sets us apart in the world of work. 

tech & touch.

Randstad is always on the lookout for the latest HR technologies, assessing how digital innovations impact the way we interact with our stakeholders.

While effective talent engagement demands a balance of digital and face-to-face interaction, we foresee that technology can actually offer a more personal experience than traditional approaches to the recruitment process.

Through our Randstad Innovation Fund (RIF), we screen more than 2,000 platforms a year in the rapidly evolving HR technology space for new innovations that will help our clients to transform their strategy, and to engage, acquire and utilise talent more efficiently.

Our Tech and Touch vision was accelerated with our recent acquisition

of Monster Worldwide, Inc.

Our ambition is to combine our genuine human interest and expertise with the best technological solutions, and to transform the way people and jobs connect.