HONG KONG SAR, 16 MARCH 2020 – Randstad Hong Kong today announced that Nikki Gao, Managing Director of Greater China at Randstad, has been recognised in TopHR’s list of ‘Top Women entrepreneurs in the human resource industry 2020’. TopHR is a leading professional HR media publication in China.

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Women are seen to be at a disadvantage in the world of work. Not only do women have to fight for equal pay, there is also a lack of female representation at the board level. It is also not uncommon for women to leave the workforce to play the role of a primary homemaker once they start a family.

Nikki is passionate about increasing the female participation rate in the workforce and helping other women carve a career of their own.

Nikki Gao said, “Technology does not only help us become more productive and efficient at work, it also helps us connect with our families. When we try and use these new digital tools, we can connect with other experts within China and around the world to gain new perspectives and upskill ourselves. These same tools also allow us to build stronger relationships with our family members, no matter where they are located in the world. When we are open to trying new things and are smart about how we manage our time, women can effectively balance both work and family.

Known for her ability to craft forward-looking business strategies as well as her empathetic leadership skills, Nikki sets herself up as an example for other women in the human resources industry. Through her success stories, she encourages other women to not only break glass ceilings in the workplace, but also make time for their families to attain work-life balance.

As part of Randstad’s Greater China’s vision, Nikki encourages her workforce, women and men alike, to find purpose in their jobs so that work can be both meaningful and enjoyable.

giving back to society

“When you have the ability, giving back to society can bring about immense satisfaction and pride. I always encourage our colleagues at Randstad to give back by helping our communities whenever and however they can, so that others can lead a better quality of life or have fair and equal opportunities to excel just like we do,” said Gao.

Employees of Randstad China volunteer regularly at nursing homes and children rehabilitation homes. Besides helping those in need, Randstad employees also support the local communities by distributing cooling beverages to public service staff who have worked hard to clean up the streets in China cities. During the COVID-19 outbreak, Randstad Greater China also donated about 8,000 bottles of alcohol-based disinfectants, 55,000 surgical gloves, 1,440 boxes of over-the-counter medications as well as 500 boxes of Vitamin-C tablets to frontline healthcare workers to help them in their fight and prevention against the virus.


任仕达香港,2020年3月16日 -3月8日女王节,第一资源TopHR公布“2020中国人力资源服务行业-女企业家榜”。凭借职场女性领导力、企业家贡献等,任仕达大中华区董事总经理高蕾(Nikki Gao)荣登榜单。










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