Randstad Award Hong Kong: Multi Year Trends Analysis

The Randstad Award is the world’s largest employer branding survey and is presented each year to the most attractive employer in 25 countries across the globe. The sample currently consists of 200,000+ respondents and covers 75% of the global economy.

The Randstad Award is now in its fourth year in Hong Kong SAR, having been held since 2013. With the 2016 edition just around the corner being held on the 20th of April at the Asia Society, we take a trip back in time to review some of the key trends that have transpired over the years.

Attractiveness Factors

One of the key criteria covered in the Randstad Award study are the attractiveness factors. This section breaks down the most important aspects that jobseekers look for when selecting a new organization. 

It is no surprise that the top 5 attractiveness factors have not changed drastically over the past few years - candidates’ expectations and motivations have remained pretty much the same every year. However a more in-depth analysis uncovered some interesting facts:
  • Salary reigns supreme
Hong Kong SAR candidates regard salary as one of the most important attributes when looking for a job, but not always. In the inaugural Randstad Award for Hong Kong SAR in 2013, long-term job security (score of 65%) outranked salary (score of 63%). However, since then, job security as an attractiveness factor has plummeted from 65% to 43% in 2015, highlighting the evolving preference of Hong Kong SAR job seekers.

  • Pleasant work atmosphere essential 
Pleasant work atmosphere has been ranked the second most important attribute for three consecutive years, with a score of 49% in 2015. Interestingly, this factor has outranked work-life balance, which came in a close third at 47%. Companies that invest in creating a strong corporate culture and comfortable working environment tend to be rated more favourably. However, with the emergence of the millennials in the workforce, employers should still regard work-life balance as an important factor in attracting talent.

  • Interesting job content on the rise
Whilst interesting job content has not ranked in the top five in the past years, it has been on the rise gaining a few percentage points at each Randstad Award. Since 2013, it has gone up from 31% to 35% in 2015. Could 2016 be the year when interesting job content breaks into the top 5? Keep your eyes peeled for the results on the 20th of April.

Randstad Award Hong Kong Winners: Past and Present 

Over the years, the Most Attractive Employer award has been hotly contested by some of Hong Kong SAR’s largest organisations. The following companies have been regularly ranked in our Randstad Award’s Top 3 spots since 2013:

       Winners     2013   2014   2015
 MTR       Cathay Pacific       Cathay Pacific
 2nd     Swire Properties    MTR  Ocean Park Corporation
 3rd CLP Dragon Air CLP

About the Randstad Award Employer Branding Research
In line with our vision of shaping the world of work, we have compiled several reports featuring key employer branding insights from the Randstad Award research to be shared with the local business community.
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