H1 2016 market outlook - Construction, Property & Engineering

Construction, Property & Engineering Market Outlook 

In recent years, Hong Kong’s public spending on infrastructure has been maintained at high levels, and the key major infrastructure projects are still going on. Due to the impact of the China housing policy and the diminishing inbound tourist arrivals, the Hong Kong construction and retail environments are likely to remain challenging.

Under this trend, civil engineers, mechanical & electrical engineers, design, safety, and project managers with infrastructural projects experience are in high demand. With more cross boarder projects and dynamic international team, in addition to the solid technical skills, engineers proficient in multiple language skills, good communication skills, adaptable and flexible stand more employment opportunities in the industry.

As China market still remains sluggish, we see the decrease of the export of Hong Kong technical professionals into China market, however we will see the property management professionals requirement remain

The annual salary increment remains 10% within the same company, and 15-20% on average increment when job changing within the construction industry. Though the market is expected to remain slow over the next 12 months, professional talent recruitment still remains active. We expect high demand for qualified designers, engineers, project managers, property and facility management , and property leasing, sales and marketing professionals across construction, property and engineering sector.

To contact the Construction, Property & Engineering team for recruitment vacancies or to request the full salary snapshot, please contact:

  Yuna Li
construction, property & engineering

T: +852 2232 3420
E: yuna.li@randstad.com.hk

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