2019 supply chain & procurement market outlook.

innovative technology wins the competition.

In order to stay competitive, companies will need to continue to innovate and integrate new technologies into their operations to gain efficiencies.

In addition to automating warehouse and transport management systems, new technology-based solutions have the potential to add value to the business through precise data collection and analytics. Companies can now leverage such data to gain better insights on their market and customers, make informed decisions and take actions to enhance performance and reduce cost in the long run. Supply chain companies will not only be able to deliver timely and accurate logistical solutions, but also provide a more personalised experience to their customers.

Executive teams within supply chain companies will also be expected to tap into emerging technologies to improve their ability to sense and shape market demand. Through advanced analytics, companies will be able to make informed predictions about the future of supply and demand and adapt their operations to address impending changes. Some innovators within the industry are even experimenting with blockchain technology to help with ease of traceability and authenticate high-value products such as luxury commodities at a lower cost.

Over the years, supply chain companies have conducted wide-scale restructuring exercises to offshore some functions to low-cost countries in an effort to reduce operational cost. Some of the key manpower considerations included the cost of hiring, availability of qualified talent and level of functional expertise.

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