2019 sales and marketing market outlook.

online presence is crucial to engage and understand consumers these days.

Consumers today are engaging with brands differently. One-way marketing tools such as billboards and commercials no longer have significant influence over the consumers’ purchase decision. Instead, companies are actively building their online presence so that they can engage with their consumers directly and have a deeper understanding of changing customer demands.

Through leveraging various owned channels, social media platforms and new technology, companies are able to collect more data about their customers than ever before, and use those insights to analyse their behaviour and enhance the customer experience. For instance, based on their previous online actions and demographics, companies can provide personalised offers, product recommendations and other content that are highly relevant to the customer’s needs and interests. Industry research has shown that when done right, such personalisation can generate as much as 68% of e-commerce revenue.

The sales and marketing community sees technology as an integral part of the transformation journey. The shift from traditional marketing to digital marketing will require a different set of augmented skills, which means marketing leaders will be expected to make adjustments to their team structure.

In order to gain a competitive advantage and grow their share of wallet, companies are increasingly hiring digitally-adept candidates to spearhead marketing activities in a more efficient and targeted manner.

Through data collection and analytics, sales and marketing teams can partner with leading industry experts to significantly enhance the customer experience. Companies are either hiring experts who have specialised skills in new technologies, or collaborating with developers to create artificial intelligence that not only helps to improve efficiencies, but also engage with their customers around the clock. Some forward-looking companies have also started experimenting with augmented and virtual reality to provide a highly differentiated and improved customer experience.

This new digital-led environment has created a lot of opportunities for startups that are developing new innovations and emerging technology. The thriving startup ecosystem had seen a remarkable progression in 2018, evidently marked by the rising number of co-working spaces in Hong Kong. In 2019, we expect more startups to increase their headcount for sales and marketing professionals as they prepare to launch their product into the marketplace.

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