2019 human resources market outlook.

The world of recruitment has evolved with HR technologies changing the entire experience for employers as well as candidates. As Hong Kong continues to face a talent shortage and tackle challenges of hiring and retaining the right talent, we will continue to see interest in modern recruitment systems that assist Hong Kong employers in sourcing the best of talent, hiring as per cultural fit and offering a seamless positive candidate to employee experience.

enhancing HR’s capability through transformation.

Modern recruiting software can help companies save time and target the right talent pool for each job role. New interviewing tools and platforms are enabling recruiters to do their job in a more effective manner. With recruiting processes increasingly automated, HR have the opportunity to create a seamless experience from attracting talent to hiring candidates to onboarding employees.

In 2019, management teams will continue to demonstrate strong interest in HR transformation projects and initiatives, with a willingness to increase investment in digital HR solutions and people analytics to improve workplace productivity, enhance overall experience and help steer strategic workforce decisions.

Senior HR candidates possessing digital acumen and experience in stakeholder management, change management and project management will be highly sought after to help drive digitisation, organizational restructuring and key transformation programmes. Clients have all reserved new headcount - both permanent and contract - for this steady demand in 2019.

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