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We're no different from the companies we work with. Our people are our biggest asset, and we are proud to share stories of how their careers have taken shape at Randstad. 

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My journey began at Randstad nearly 10 years ago when I was recruited to manage a small branch in a provincial town within the UK.  One of the main reasons I decided to join Randstad was the clear development plan I was shown at my first interview. This included being part of a new management team that would start a year-long 10 module training program, which would be carried out at various UK locations and gave a strong chance to put into practice the learning that was received.

I can vouch that Randstad aims to ensure that 80% of promotions come from within. During my 5 years at Randstad UK, I moved three times to manage larger branches and was eventually managing a 12 person team.  

Four years ago, I made the biggest move of my career and left the UK to join Randstad Hong Kong and establish the Sales & Marketing team. My development plan was once again clearly laid before me, and in my second year I had the privilege of participating in Randstad's Young Executive Program, a 9 month long international program which is part of the Fritz Goldschmeding academy. This is a four module program in partnership with leading universities and specialist training partners from around the globe, taking place in Amsterdam, Shanghai, Singapore and Malaysia. 

Not only did the program challenge me  personally and professionally, but it gave me invaluable exposure to various Randstad businesses, and I have since forged connections with a global network of international colleagues within Randstad. 

- Paul Shelton, Director, Randstad

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