cyber security manager in Hong Kong

robbert pauli, randstad hong kong
job type
HK$ 600,000 - HK$ 900,000 per month

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hong kong
information technology
job type
working hours
HK$ 600,000 - HK$ 900,000 per month
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robbert pauli, randstad hong kong
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job description

Job responsibilities:

  1. Take charge of the risk control and operation of consumer cloud service products (account, payment, content, application market, and game), and ensure key product risks controllable, including but not limited to: spam registration, anti-theft account login, coupon-clipping, app-based scalping, click farming, app rankings manipulation, payment fraud and game account transaction;
  2. Build the risk control operation system for cloud service products (account, payment, content, app market, and game), strengthen dark pattern resistance, and ensure stable, secure, and sustainable business operations;
  3. Review the risk control management process, identify key risks, and improve product capabilities through product optimization to effectively control risks;
  4. Build risk control model, set thresholds, maintain and upgrade the risk control model;
  5. Respond to product risks in an emergency and establish a system of risk control warning and emergency handling;
  6. Backtrack and locate risks and issues, output risk analysis reports and solutions, and follow up its closed-loop. Improve product competitiveness. Ensure that risks are controllable.

Work experience requirements:

  1. Bachelor degree or above, good at teamwork;
  2. At least 3 years of practical business risk control experience;
  3. Be familiar with at least one aspect of machine learning, data mining, data analysis, and distributed computing, and have some theoretical and practical experience;
  4. Be sensitive to data, familiar with common data mining algorithms, and have practical experience;
  5. Experience in anti-cheating strategies, user behavior analysis, and community relationship mining is preferred.

Professional knowledge:

  1. Mathematics, statistics, computer and other related majors, business risk control, financial risk control industry work experience;
  2. Proficient in SQL, able to use Python, R, or SAS to analyze data and perform statistical modeling;
  3. Proficient in using machine learning algorithms and have project experience in semi-supervised and unsupervised models; have strong data modeling, data analysis and mining capabilities;
  4. Have strong self-learning ability, clear logical thinking, keen insight, good analytical and problem-solving ability, communication and coordination ability;
  5. Experience in identifying risks such as anti-fraud.

Bonus item:

  1. Have experience in e-commerce and cloud service marketing, anti-fraud models, or data products related to user behavior;
  2. Majors in mathematics, statistics, computer, machine learning, and big data.

Business skills:

  1. Familiar with the e-commerce order business, mobile phone cloud business, payment business, and content security business, mainstream black market criminal products, and key risks;
  2. Familiar with black market crime methods and black market intelligence, and have rich practical experience;
  3. Familiar with the risk control systems and functions in the industry and have complete solutions for black market intelligence and black market defense.


no additional skills required


no additional qualifications required

educational requirements

Master's Degree