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We specialise in the provision of high-volume, skilled flexible labor - improving labor flexibility, retention, productivity and efficiency. 

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our contracting services

Randstad is committed to understand the drivers of your business, swiftly respond to your requirements and always provide the best solutions to support your needs.

Our contracting team is dedicated to bringing best fit people to your team across five specialisations:

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Construction & Property
  • Engineering
  • HR & Business Support
  • Information Technology
  • Sales, Marketing & Communication
  • Supply Chain & Procurement

We are here to assist you in maintaining productive workforce levels during specialised projects, high volume workloads or seasonal demand — we recruit for monthly and annual contract employees.

5 advantages to using contractors.

  1. ability to adjust more quickly and easily to workload fluctuations
  2. ability to maintain staffing flexibility
    to achieve higher productivity and efficiencies
  3. opportunity to evaluate employee before committing
  4. increasing cost and time efficiencies
  5. access to Online Timesheeting - TESSA - to streamline the timesheet, payment and invoicing process for ease of use

unique value ads.

  • Comprehensive transition and communication plans to meet contractor transition requirements
  • Reporting
  • E-solutions including online ordering, e-timesheeting, e invoicing and e-payslips.
  • Visa processing

same day high-match shortlists.

Allowing you to fill critical vacancies immediately with contractors who are productive from day one.

95% assignment finish rate.

No downtime on projects and deliverables due to turnover.

24% temp-to-perm conversion.

You will have access to a pool of highly-skilled candidates who can contribute greatly to your organisation, in the long run.

Randstad consultants have always been able to understand our requirements, and send us quality candidates that meet them.

- IT services company

Not only did they follow up better than other agencies, Randstad better tried to understand what my needs were and what I wanted.

- Mr Wong, placed as a Marketing Executive with a leading telecommunications company

Randstad is able to match our company requirements and provide us with IT professionals for our projects.

- Integration services company

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